L     For me personally, a long run is anything over 90 minutes though if I train for a marathon it increases to two hours. They are important because your body needs to get familiar with the feeling of fatigue and they are a building block to your endurance. They are very rarely fun, at least for me. I find long training runs hard. That is partly the reason why I try to sign up to as many races as I can during a marathon training. To have the support of the crowd and the company of other runners makes a lot of difference. Even if the races are de facto just training runs. The goal is not to achieve a new PB – they are about practicing my pace, I am testing the gear and planning the nutrition for the marathon day. And they are way more fun than running on my own.



3 thoughts on “[L] is for Long runs

  1. I can’t wait until I’m in a place that offers more runs than just a full~ Training at the gym is really, really difficult.


    1. I miss long swims! Back in Slovakia I used to live next to a lake – I would wake up early on Saturday and go for a swim for two hours, the whole place just for myself (and occasional fisherman)…by the time I was done, the regular sunbathers and swimmers were just arriving. Can’t be compared with doing lanes in a swimming pool 😦


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