[G] is for Goodie bags

G   To tell you the truth, I was undecided on ‘G’ for a while. Gym is logically the first thing that usually pops in people’s mind when it comes to exercise or running and I thought I will go for it as it is so logical – pros and cons of running on treadmill versus running outside etc. (I definitely prefer running outside but I like the control when running on a treadmill – I just thought I might as well mention it.)

However me being me, the first thing that popped into my head when I started thinking about these daily posts, notably ‘G’ was a goodie bag. I guess I am bit materialistic. I just love them. You never know what you get. There is always bottle of water and an energy bar – which is super useful after a race, and a clean and most importantly dry t-shirt. Yes, there are lot of flyers, leaflets and samples that may not necessary be of interest but I love the surprise! The best goodie bag I received was from the London marathon (in 2012) – not only we got one after the race, we got one before as well! And it had a can of ale in it. Enough said.

What I am annoyed about is that sometimes the products are very ‘manly’. I mean, I like the smell of 24 hour deep dive deodorant but not necessary on me. If you stick a male deodorant in the bag, give something to the ladies too….or keep it unisex. Women are more and more signing up and running races – I believe they form around 40% of the runners nowadays – and we deserve to be noticed.