[Q] is for Queues

Q     Be ready for them. Especially for loos! You arrive at the race village, you drop your stuff in a baggage tent, and still have some time to spare? Get into the loo queue. Even if you don’t need to go. By the time it is your turn, you will.

The worst loo situation I have ever experienced was at JP Morgan Corporate Challenge run last year in London. These runs are extremely popular, with thousands of runners taking part and unfortunately this is an issue every single year. The queues crossed almost the whole race village and many opted for the bushes instead, including ladies. Somehow I don’t think it will be any different this year.


You are at the start. The anticipation. The countdown. The gun fires. And then nothing happens. Another queue to be prepared for is the start itself. Just because the official time of the race is at 8am, it doesn’t mean you will cross the start line at this time. The more people are taking part, the longer it will take for all of them to step on that first timing mat. The record for this holds the Lisbon Half-marathon for me where it took me almost 40 minutes. But it was an amazing start, crossing the Ponte 25 de Abril definitely made up for the wait.


ponte 25 abril