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Thank you to everyone who visited, liked a commented on my works during last month. It is very much appreciated 🙂

Your support truly helped me with sticking to the challenge. 
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Thank you all 

z (27)

has every person at the age of 27
thought about death?

i did
i remember being haunted 
by the thought 
but why?

it's an imaginary milestone
our youth turning
into a true adulthood 
a little death

death of our wildest dreams
fantasies about our futures 

harsh slap of reality
Note: This was the biggest stretch of them all! The above image of double lined Z is a symbol for a set of integers. Number 27 is a part of this set...stretch. 

young man

he reminds me of my youth
the one i wasted, never lived
i want it back 

he lives his life to the brink
i envy him
he has no fear
no worry
no care what society thinks

he's a young man
and i'm young with him

xx (kiss kiss)

stick up my nose every week
never ending cycle of
home-work-grocery shop
behind locked doors by 8
no space at home
only escape is running
when i daydream 
i don't even mind 
the cold, the wind, the rain
enough of this
i'm turning into anarchist 




can't move
can't escape

i promise to be
a good girl
release me

note: cheat again as i couldn't find a song starting with the letter u but still kind of on the theme as mgk has plenty of unreleased material. 

see my tears

i'm invisible 
   but somehow i get noticed 
i want to watch 
   not be observed
i need a hug
   but still hide my tears 

don't look at me
it burns my skin 

"i don't care who sees me naked.
i do care who sees me cry."
~ night manager (tv series)