every bullet 
every shell
every cartridge
everything you fire my way, I collect.

I dig them up from my flesh.
I stitch my wounds.

They are now my ammunition.

one more spark
and it explodes.

You are surprised when it does.
Women movements
I am proud to show my scars.

Is this war? yes. 

But I can't stop fighting.
You are the one still shooting. 


Picking up one thing to un-invent is a surprisingly 
difficult act. 
Sure, there are stupid inventions and invention that 
have negative side effects. 
But is there something in existence that is truly 

We are living in an age where everything has a good 
and a bad side, sometimes to the extreme.
Global warming anyone? 
But do I want to un-invent the industrial revolution?
Heck no. 

'The road to hell is paved with good intentions.' 
The Bible got something right. 
It perfectly describes the state of this world.  

I would un-invent torturing devices of the 
medieval times. 


It is hard to think of undoing anything other than covid-19 at the moment, but I tried. Also, I’m quoting the Bible.

Source: 365 Days of Writing Prompts, February 21

what would you un-invent if you could? why, potential repercussions, and alternatives.

WHEP! #weeklysmile 2

I guess the total craze of today's world finally 
caught up with me this week. I went on a bit of 
anger fuelled political rampage that is still 
burning strongly in my heart.
I was feeling very vulnerable by the subtle abuse 
of human rights in the name of fighting Covid-19 in
Slovakia, by the madness that is happening in Poland 
and Belarus, the total disregard of women's and LGBT+
rights and absolute laugh in the face of democracy.
Not a good week...


there is always something worth smiling for.

This is the silliest thing I am a part of. Yet, we 
are probably making a Guinness world record. As many 
of us, thanks to the pandemic, I have started spending 
a lot more time on internet and got quite hooked on
YouTube. I find it hard to watch normal TV or Netflix 
most of the time as I struggle to find something that 
I would like to watch that wouldn't be too long. 
I have discovered lot of creators on YouTube during 
this past few months that I really enjoy watching, and 
I also became part of the communities around those 

The most significant, or the community I am most 
involved in, is around one Joel Berghult who runs a 
music-centred channel RoomieOfficial. 

It all started on 1st September with Joel's tweet 
"Wheptember", followed by a "Whep", then "Whep 2", 
and "Whep 3"...we are on Whep 21,999 as of the moment 
of writing this post, waiting for Joel to do the 
We have created a Twitter chain with 22K whep messages. 

Yes, we are insane. 

We, a group of 50 odd people across all time zones 
and continents, have also created the most wholesome 
place on internet. It's a pick me up place where 
there's always someone to give you a virtual hug or 
wish you the best day. 

I don't care if it's silly. I love it.     


Book worms


Ok, when I did a search of right-handed (a noun, as 
in right-handed person) in Google images, I did not 
expect to end up with a picture of fungi. Mind you, 
the book I grabbed was a dictionary so the word 
‘right-handed’ wasn’t in English but in Slovak 
The search however identified a Czech meaning of the 
word which is apparently a very common fungi Boletus
reticulatus, mostly known as summer cep. 
This was educational. I mean as educational Wikipedia 
and Google can get.

I don’t even remember how we looked for information 
before internet. 


Source: 365 Days of Writing Prompts, September 14

grab nearest book. open it randomly and go to the tenth word on the page. do a google image search of the word. write about what the image brings to mind.

free will

it is your choice to go 
but if you don't go 
you can't leave your home
and if you leave your home
you will get fined.

are you still not going?
that is fine
you will just lose your job
'cause you can't leave your home.

you probably should go
but it's up to you
after all 
it is your choice. 

Calling something voluntary and then issuing threats, sanctions and penalties when one doesn’t comply is not voluntary.

We don’t deserve dogs

So much uncensored joy and love. 
Never ashamed, never embarrassed, never ending. 
I yearn to learn how to express it.

I studied
I observed
I now understand
I now comprehend
I can see the outcome
I can picture the emotion. 

Yet, when I try to recreate it
all I have are puzzle pieces
I'm not able to fit together.

I don't even know where to start.

Duh, I know you start at the corners and edges.
But corners and edges is all I've got.

SUN #weeklysmile 1

I woke up to another morning to water hammering 
on the windowsill and wanted to cry. It seems that 
five days of rain in a row is my limit.

I had to go to the office that day. And I couldn't 
bear walking out of the doors. I craved sunshine. 

My sister casually mentioned that our dog has a toy 
sun...I wasn't the only one smiling in the office 
that day.
Sunshine in my pocket
I know it is absurd. However I also refuse to believe 
that I am the only weirdo out there stealing their 
dogs' toys and bringing them to work.

Trent’s World Weekly Smile