Fact of the Day

Fish can drown.

Fact of the Day

A herd of giraffes is called a tower.


Zero Tolerance to Yawning at job interviews

Seriously? You think you’ll get the job? Go home, sleep and have nice dreams about it.


No Yelling either please (not applicable to Liz and Martin Yelling who can do no bad in my book).


Fact of the Day

You can make diamonds out of dead people….in theory you can make diamonds out of anything carbon-based.


Zero Tolerance to Xeroxing your body parts (once you grow up)

…I was young and alone in the office. What is more worrying is the fact that I am actually quite tempted to repeat this in colour.

I think I have just proved that I have not grown up just yet.

To continue on a theme of premature silliness: Zero tolerance to Xmas decoration in shops before Halloween.

Fact of the Day

The Big Bang theory was developed by a priest.


Zero Tolerance to Warning about Nuts on a pack of Nuts

We are so afraid of so many things. Our fears have created so many rules and set in place so many precautions in hope to avoid as many risks as possible that we have brought our common sense on a brink of extinction.

Common sense is suffering as much as women in this world. We have to stop this.



Fact of the Day

Strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges.

Zero Tolerance to Vomit Pools

…and live vomiting in public places, especially not tolerated on public transport. Although to be fair, I really don’t know what I was doing on a night bus at my age…

NO to violence at any age.

Fact of the Day

Mozart began composing at age 5.

Well, there was no tv back then.

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