[H] is for Hills

H      Every training program out there will tell you that adding a hill session to your schedule is a really good idea. I have only recently come to terms with hills. For a long time, I was avoiding them as they sounded as too much work – and really, I only ever signed up for flat races anyway. But. In a very strange way, hills started to become fun. You know, here and there a sneaky incline or a bridge breaking the monotonous flatness. I live in central London so inclines and bridges are pretty much all I get but you can work with these. I did couple of Kenyan hills workouts at the pedestrian subway at Waterloo which was surprisingly empty compared to the rush hour craziness around the station. Also laps around the IMAX cinema made for a nice break between the intervals. I was quite lucky there wasn’t a film premier though.


And the best thing about a hills session is that there is always a downhill section.