[M] is for Marathon

M     Ten days to the London marathon now! I’m pretty relaxed about it now but I had some hard times as I was not able to train for two weeks due to an illness and only got back to it this Monday. Nevertheless my first 5k run on Monday went surprisingly well so I am confident that I will get around just fine, even if not fast. It is a good thing that we have a very generous cut off time of 8 hours.

Marathons are not a walk in a park but the sense of achievement is addictive, and being part of such an iconic race as London is very special and frankly, I can’t wait for the day to come! This year it is even more special for me because my sister will be here to support me. My sis is now also a runner (I am taking full credit for that J) and she did her first race just few weeks ago in Bratislava as part of the Bratislava marathon festival. I made her company and also ran the half-marathon the next day. I surprisingly still haven’t run the full marathon in my hometown although I registered few years back….but my training didn’t really go according to the plan plus it was snowing on the day and the temperature outside read -5C, conditions I was not used to, so I was glad to miss it. But it is on my list.

I am also strongly leaning towards running the Helsinki marathon in August this year but will definitely decide only after London. Singapore marathon in December is also still on the list though I am bit perplexed by their ban on chewing gums. This creates bit of an issue for me as I am addicted to chewing gums almost as badly as I’m addicted to coffee….