[O] is for Over-training

O     Are you training for a race but feeling constantly tired, have niggles niggling, and are in a state of panic you are not doing enough? Stop. These are just few signs that you are doing too much. Your body needs rest. Packing in extra runs one week before a race will do more harm than help. Take a break, eat, relax and most importantly get plenty of sleep.

I missed two weeks of training due to an illness during a rather critical period of marathon training and it is very tempting to try to squeeze it all in now. However attempting a 20 miler so close to the London marathon (which is on 26th April) would be insane. I have to trust myself, my body, and the training I have done in the past 12 weeks that I will make it on the day. Although I haven’t done as much as I hoped, I’d rather be as fit and rested as possible. The last thing you want is to be tired and in pain at the start.