[R] is for Rest

R     It’s the taper week! That means lots of sleep, plenty of food and the training is winding down. It is usually a rather strange feeling to give up all the hard work and have this much rest after several weeks of dedicated training. This time it is quite a different feeling for me as I was ill and was pretty much on lots of sleep and little to no training for few weeks already. My taper actually consists of picking up the training a bit so it reaches the levels of a normal taper. It is weird.

I have mentioned several times the importance of giving your body a break. But your mind needs a break too. The sudden abundance of free time may bring your thoughts into overdrive (or maybe that’s just me!) about the race, doubts start to emerge and the brain generally messes with your mental wellbeing and confidence about your ability to perform on the day. It is normal. Don’t give in to these nagging negative vibes. Easier said than done? Yeah. I know. My personal remedies are reading, binging on TV series, writing, meeting friends in places where they don’t serve alcohol (it’s not because I’m waging a war agains the booze, it’s because it’s too much temptation!).  There is already a bottle of Champagne smiling at me in the fridge. Just six days to go.