J     No matter what you are trying to achieve, be it your first 5k or a first marathon, important thing is to enjoy yourself. Don’t do something you find tedious. I ran the Reading half marathon on 22nd March and it was the best race I’ve done so far. Yes, even better than the London Marathon! The organisation was superb, the route was great, the crowds were amazing, there was live music and bands, weather was unbelievable favourable to us and I found myself enjoying the whole day. There was no PB for me – nowhere near actually, I was off by seven minutes, but I really didn’t care or mind. I finished the run into the Madejski stadium with a smile on my face and made it my mission to recruit whole bunch of people to run this race in 2016. If you are thinking about running a half next year – do this one.



Also it’s my mum’s birthday today!

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