[A] is for A.R.T.

[B] is for Being Bonkers

[C] is for Contrafibularity

[D] is for Domestic Goddess

[E] is for Excel Spreadsheet

[F] is for Feeling (insert emotion)

[G] is for God

[H] is for Helpful Suggestions

[I] is for …ism(s)

[J] is for Janka

[K] is for K.O.

[L] is for Love

[M] is for Mathematics

[N] is for Nickelback and/or Nuts

[O] is for Obedience

[P] is for P..a…l….m

[Q] is for Queues

[R] is for Reading, Rest and Robots

[S] is for Sacrifice

[T] is for Tyranny

[U] is for Upper Crust

[V] is for Valentine

[W] is for Work in Progress

[X] is for Signature

[Y] is for Yawning

[Z] is for Zero Tolerance to Autocorrect




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