This is how I see it. Signing up to the A to Z challenge was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having to write a post a day was a daunting prospect however as soon as the calendars changed to 1st April and I was ‘forced’ to produce an entry blog, my perspective has shifted. I have been very busy at work recently and coming home staring at yet another computer screen was the last thing on my mind. I felt unhappy, tired, demotivated.

However this challenge (that felt more like a chore before it even started) has turned out to be a rather pleasant experience. And ‘rather pleasant’ is a textbook example of an absolute understatement. I feel happy, inspired, creative – still tired though as somehow my social life has been derailed and taken bit of a crazy path. I love writing. I am always happy when I write. Even if the things and emotions I write about are not particularly positive. I love words and that you can play with them as if they were Lego bricks; building towers that are sometimes strong and tall and sometimes they tumble down and you have to start connecting the bricks again raising a more solid structure.

Yes, it is challenging to find the time every day and come up with a post that you are not ashamed to share. But truth to be told, I am more worried what I will do when I wake up and the clocks will say 1st May.

F in the A to Z Challenge.


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