or more specifically G is for a godly presence. London City’s train stations have suddenly been populated by leaflet givers spreading the holy words. I am not entirely sure what to think of that. I should really ask them rather then speculate though. But here is my theory anyway:

City = Banks = Money

Money = Greed = Sin

=> City needs saving

How badly do you want me to get into the morals of free economy and social injustice?  Exactly. I could spend hours on research, studying statistics and then write a lengthy paper that would look at all the angles, all the arguments, consequences, relations, pros and cons etc. I could. But I will not because deep down I am a sinner too. Not because I’m greedy or because I don’t care for others. I am worse because I do care. I help charities. I am doing my best to preserve our planet. I am aware. But I still take my paycheque and pretend I cannot see the bad guy who is giving it to me.

G in the A to Z challenge.


One thought on “[G] is for God

  1. I read this post to the end and wanted there to be more to it. Don’t know how often that happens. Emotions don’t have to be positive, but only honest and I get the feeling that’s the direction here. Hmm, I like the cities-need-saving formula. Come to the megapolis, and it’s probably the same as in the metropolis, just spread out more banks wise, sin wise. Great post, Eva.
    Silvia @


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