Award Alert

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. I am a skeptic. If I win an award, there is something behind it. You know, someone wants something kind of thing. Maybe that is not skepticism but paranoia but anyway, Awards = Suspicion. So why have I decided to accept this one?

Firstly, the nominator (and thank you for the nomination) – Marci – is one of my new favourite people who went through the A to Z challenge with a brilliant theme and you should check her out.

Secondly, one of the conditions is to answer the nominator’s questions – and I actually wanted to answer Marci’s.

Thirdly, I must tell you 11 random things about myself, which feels very liberating for a skeptic/paranoid individual like myself.

Fourthly, I have to nominate  five to ten other blogs – which means reading and discovering other people (and hope they are not as cynical as myself) which is actually the whole point of blogging community.

Fifthly, I can ask them eleven silly questions in return!


There are rules. Of course. I will start with those.

1. Link back and thank the blogger who nominated you in your post.

2. List 11 random facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 question asked by the blogger who nominated you.

4. Pick 5 – 10 new bloggers (must have less than 300 followers) to nominate. Do not re-nominate the blogger who nominated you.

5. Ask them 11 new questions.

6. Go to each blogger’s site and inform them of their nomination.


Rule number one is competed. Now to rule number two – 11 random facts about myself:

1. I find colouring books therapeutic and most of the time I colour the pictures to my liking, reality be damned.

2. I played Tetris to level 15 and finished it. The game claimed to have only 10 levels.

3. I have to change something about my living arrangements roughly every six months – redecorating my room, reshuffling the furniture or moving to a new place. In the past ten years I lived at nine different addresses.

4. I find men wearing different coloured socks strangely attractive.

5. ~ is my newest addiction. I change my addictions. All except the coffee. I am faithful to coffee.

6. I have tried to track down the beginnings of the Liebster Award.

7. I write best with a glass of wine and talking to myself in third person. Aloud.

8. I had to look up how to spell ‘fourthly’…..actually I have to look up quite a lot of words.

9. I have fairy lights and dream of ceilings that can handle chandeliers.

10. I can’t ride a bicycle. I have tried. I have scars to prove it. I will learn it one day.

11. One of the things on this list is a lie.


Rule number three – answer the nominator’s questions – now this is fun!

1.Why did you decide to start writing your blog?

For all the wrong reasons. But I’ve learned.

2. In one sentence, describe what your blog is about. There’s a twist, though: don’t use any personal or possessive pronouns! 

It is work in progress.

3.  What is your earliest memory?

Asking my mom for tea. I hated milk at a very early age. Of course everything changed when I discovered coffee.

4. Do you dream?  If so, do you dream in colour or black and white?

I do dream. When I dream consciously, it is in colour, otherwise in grayscale.

5. if you could only make one journey during your lifetime, but it could be to anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Why?

I would go straight ahead at an angle. That way there is a chance I would see the whole world.

6. What is one of your guilty pleasures (and this had better be good…I want something really embarrassing!)?

None of my pleasures are guilty. Sorry. Except watching entertainment TV – anything that has countdowns of silly things.

7. Pick one:  the Harry Potter series or the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Follow-up to what you picked:  books or movies?

Lord of the Rings. Films. Liv Tyler.

8. What is your favourite holiday, and if it’s NOT Halloween, why?

I’m not picky but Halloween is not my favourite because you don’t get a day off.

9. List three words that describe your personality.

I’m sure there is a diagnosis for me with three words but I am too scared to get me checked out.

10. What is your favourite thing about how you earn a living?

Paycheque. But the people are work with are not bad either.

11. If you could live in any time period (past, present or future), when and where would you be?



And the nominees for the Liebster award are:

1. My Words As Weapons because there is never enough poetry.

2. The Other Land of Oz because I want to know how Penance will continue.

3. Kris’s Chaotic Random Insights and Rambles because I like random.

4. Words and Lines because I loved his self discovering theme.

5. A MaeDay Life because of her poems and positivity.

6. Espressopinions because opinions over an espresso are the best.

7. Silvia Writes because she has introduced me to a new culture.


So you poor souls, if you accept the nomination, expect hard but fun work and hope you will like my 11 questions:

1. Which random fact about myself in this post do you think is a lie?

2. What is your favourite breakfast food? (If you are not eating breakfast, you should start. Just saying.)

3. If you could spend a day in a body of different gender, what would be the first thing you would do?

4. What is your favourite animal and what do you think you have in common with this animal (physical or behavioural)?

5. What are you most afraid of?

6. Who is your favourite female hero – can be real or fictional – and why?

7. If you could, what physical object would you wipe out of existence?

8. Life on other planets – possible or not?

9. What song are you listening to right now or what song was the last you’ve heard?

10. Your favourite acronym.

11. Would you prefer to know how to fly or how to breathe under water?


So that’s it folks. I am now going to harass the nominees. Have fun!

Zero Tolerance to Bubblegum stuck under the table

or really any other place where you can unwittingly pick it up, touch it or get it unstuck from the place where it was stuck just for it to be stuck again to a piece of your clothing. I have come across gums that were old and hard, easily mistaken for a tiny stone, slimy and wet, where you can see the saliva of some moron slowly drying up and gums in various other stages with different consistency, colour and degree of stickiness.

Most common appearance of the disposed gum is on the pavement where the little parasites are waiting to be picked up by a stranger. They will suck onto the sole of your shoe and won’t let go no matter how hard you try to rub them off against the curb or how skilful you think you are with a piece of wood, plastic or anything else you find may be used as a blade to sever the ties between the gum and the bottom of your shoe.

It is not advised to try the two aforementioned methods of gum removal if you acquire the gum from the train seat. Big chance is you probably won’t notice the presence of the gum until you are told about it by a goodhearted person (depending where you work as you may also become a joke of the office) or when you take your pants off. I was told that putting the affected garment inside a freezer for a while will help toughen up the gum and it is then easier to remove. Of course I was told this after I had destroyed my trousers.

For me, the least pleasant of all of the abandoned gums is the gum that you discover under the table in a restaurant after you just washed your hands. There are so many things that can go wrong when you are in restaurant – why people leave their germs around on top of that?


I am sure that many of you have experienced a troubled gum and have found a way how to deal with it. However it is not always easy to deal with and step up to a bully and therefore bullying is my zero tolerance issue this week as well.

[Z] is for Zero Tolerance to Autocorrect

Recognize. Organize. Deputize. My autocorrect keeps changing these and suggest they should be written with S and not Z. I  always (read – most of the times) change them back. Even if the ugly dotted red lines glaring at me are trying to make me bent to their will. No. It looks better with Z. Z is strong where S is smooth. I don’t care if it is American or British way of spelling. It is more aesthetically pleasing. So is colour to color btw. Could we please establish aesthetic English?


Autocorrect is not the only thing I have zero tolerance to (actually I seem to be dissatisfied with rather lot of things!) and  therefore I have decided to start my own A to Z challenge about things I am not happy about. So this post is not only the last one for the A to Z Challenge but is also the first one for my alphabetical Zero Tolerance series. I just simply can’t part with the beautiful perfection of ABC.

Every Wednesday, I will be publishing new post with a ‘serious’ issue I am faced with on daily basis. However as I feel this might get out of hand very quickly, I have decided to balance it out with a serious (without the apostrophes this time) issue starting with Zero tolerance to Animal cruelty.

I will also try to include a link to a charity or an organization that is helping with, fighting, or educating about the issue. For this week it is RSPCA.


Z in the A to Z Challenge.




[Y] is for Yawning

because that is what I have been doing repeatedly while attempting to write today’s penultimate post. I am tired and sleepy and it doesn’t help that I am getting comfortable in my bed. I am also aching. I hit the gym, and the gym mercilessly hit back.

Tomorrow is the last day of this wonderful alphabetical experience and it makes me little sad. So I have decided that there will be a surprise with my Z post! Me excited – not only about the surprise but also because my sister is coming over for a visit.

Well, I’m going to sleep now.

Good night.

Y in the A to Z challenge.


[X] is for Signature

I couldn’t think of a suitable word starting with X. And I became even more desperate after consulting my dictionary.

~ xerox ~ Xmas ~ x-ray ~ xylograph ~ xylophone ~

Instead of opening a bigger dictionary, I have started to think how and where are we using X. X marks a treasure on a map. We used X to sign documents in the dark ages of illiteracy. Now, in the age of text-language,  X stands for kiss and is often used as a substitute or abbreviation (as in the dictionary entry Xmas). And we are still happily making decisions by penning x inside neat boxes on ballot papers. In mathematics it represents the unknown value, although the Romans may argue that in fact the value is ten. It features in extremes and extras and its triple form advertises adult themes. It even has a chromosome and rays named after it. X is something special.

X in the A to Z challenge.



[V] is for Valentine

I know the 14th February is long gone but you can actually still celebrate all the others St. Valentines. July will be full of them. 6th, 25th and 30th July are all dedicated to St. Valentines as is 3rd November and 7th January. Valentine was a popular name back in the day.

I think it would be nice to have a special day not on 14th February, no? Don’t get me wrong, flowers, champagne, chocolates and great food make me happy but I cringe at the social obligation we are force into coming up to the date in the middle of the second month.

We should be celebrating love and tell people we love them. And not because the calendar say it is time to do so.


V in the A to Z challenge.


[U] is for Upper Crust

Upper Crust, the saviour when

the train door closes on your drunken face,

another half an hour

waiting in the dark and rain

Saviour when you really shouldn’t be outside

or by yourself

The feeding hand that will ease your hangover

the supplier of stodge that

makes the next day little bit prettier.

Upper Crust, we (the insolent idiots who always miss the point where one more pint is a pint too much)

applaude you.


U in the A to Z challenge.


[T] is for Tyranny

Joseph Andrew was born three weeks prematurely on a late summer day. The labour made Marika exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. The little bundle became the centre of her universe. Joe quietly suffered the change in hierarchy. He didn’t protest though and gave his son the privileges. They were a perfect happy family. Even Greta with her two sons visited few times, advising her, sharing secrets of parenting.

   Their daughter Samantha Jane joined them less then a year later and Joe gradually stopped enduring her indifference towards him.  She didn’t see the first slap coming. She felt alone and lost.


T in the A to Z challenge.