After ten days of specific Christmas training of gluttony and a bottle of bubbly a day I have returned to running again. Yay! The first run (yesterday) was less painful than expected though I will have to figure out the correct number of clothing layers in this wintery weather. There was lots of sweating last night. On the other hand I was nice and warm/bordering on hot while the ground started to shine with frosty film. I also have to remember not to forget  that I’m cooking something before I go for a run if I want to avoid extremely well cooked eggs (#SavedByTheFlatmates).

What I find really strange is that the cold doesn’t bother me when I’m running. I prefer running outside during winter. It is most probably just a temporary state of mind though. But it is bit of a struggle for me to go to the gym these days. Not that I can get out if it. I can’t really do any kind of hill training outside in central London. There is a distinct lack of hills. (Yes, I know of Hampstead Heath. That’s zone 2. Therefore it doesn’t count.) The closest it gets to a hill around here is the approach on Millennium bridge from the south side of the Thames and perhaps from the north on the Blackfriars bridge if you follow the Thames path. They also double as obstacle courses because of the tourists.  Thames path is my running route but I much prefer to run westwards although the Battersea park can be pretty eery after the sun sets down.

I did bit of a cross training today and will finish 2014 with a PT session and a short run. Well, maybe a run – I’m in charge of gin cocktails for the evening. I will have to test them before I serve them, right?

3 thoughts on “Running post #1

  1. For dinner, I’m having a very well done salmon – it was in the oven while I was writing this post. To emphasise how hopeless I am when it comes to cooking, I was writing in the kitchen.


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