Book worms


Ok, when I did a search of right-handed (a noun, as 
in right-handed person) in Google images, I did not 
expect to end up with a picture of fungi. Mind you, 
the book I grabbed was a dictionary so the word 
‘right-handed’ wasn’t in English but in Slovak 
The search however identified a Czech meaning of the 
word which is apparently a very common fungi Boletus
reticulatus, mostly known as summer cep. 
This was educational. I mean as educational Wikipedia 
and Google can get.

I don’t even remember how we looked for information 
before internet. 


Source: 365 Days of Writing Prompts, September 14

grab nearest book. open it randomly and go to the tenth word on the page. do a google image search of the word. write about what the image brings to mind.

free will

it is your choice to go 
but if you don't go 
you can't leave your home
and if you leave your home
you will get fined.

are you still not going?
that is fine
you will just lose your job
'cause you can't leave your home.

you probably should go
but it's up to you
after all 
it is your choice. 

Calling something voluntary and then issuing threats, sanctions and penalties when one doesn’t comply is not voluntary.

We don’t deserve dogs

So much uncensored joy and love. 
Never ashamed, never embarrassed, never ending. 
I yearn to learn how to express it.

I studied
I observed
I now understand
I now comprehend
I can see the outcome
I can picture the emotion. 

Yet, when I try to recreate it
all I have are puzzle pieces
I'm not able to fit together.

I don't even know where to start.

Duh, I know you start at the corners and edges.
But corners and edges is all I've got.

SUN #weeklysmile 1

I woke up to another morning to water hammering 
on the windowsill and wanted to cry. It seems that 
five days of rain in a row is my limit.

I had to go to the office that day. And I couldn't 
bear walking out of the doors. I craved sunshine. 

My sister casually mentioned that our dog has a toy 
sun...I wasn't the only one smiling in the office 
that day.
Sunshine in my pocket
I know it is absurd. However I also refuse to believe 
that I am the only weirdo out there stealing their 
dogs' toys and bringing them to work.

Trent’s World Weekly Smile

Twenty-five (C)

Pushing things in front of me,
‘I will deal with it later.’
Tomorrow is a better day to begin this or that…
I know I should do it now. 
Yet, I postpone it anyway.
It is an informed and deliberate result of my 
thinking mind. 

Do I have a reasonable reason for the delays to my 
writing timetable?
I just didn’t feel like it. 
That’s all it is.
Motivation is low. To do anything. Stupid shutdown. 

You are allowed to go to nature.
But walk your dog only up to 100 meters from your 
Stupid government. 


Try to write a post about ‘conscious decisions’ and ‘procrastination’ without using the letter ‘C’. Well done me.

Source: 365 Days of Writing Prompts, March 4

alphabet has 26 letters. write a post without using one of them.


can this be over soon please? 

i'm really fine
i'm healthy
i still have a job
i am allowed to go out

i have a dog that is my world
and i don't like people anyway

still, can this be over?


This word sounds like a mixture of a house name from 
Harry Potter, posh French wine, a seriously wrong 
fetish and even weirder adult film genre including 
the aforementioned fetish. 

It also sounds like a bad idea. Like making a conscious
decision about making a risky decision that you know 
is a risky decision. I almost wrote a ‘bad’ decision 
but bad can be subjective. At least in my case. I’m 
being porpignalf about most things now. 

Including this. 

I’m writing what comes to my mind … I don’t censor 
myself and I don’t look back. It is a conscious act. 

Yeah….’Flangiprop’ has already been done. It is even in the urban dictionary and to be honest, the ‘top definition‘ is actually rather good. So, I’m not messing with it.

Instead, I have flipped the word. Porpignalf.

As a bonus that has no relevance to anything, I had to look up how to spell ‘conscious’. It was super frustrating. I am getting stupid.


Source: 365 Days of Writing Prompts, February 1

invent a definition for the word “flangiprop” and use the word in a post


Napoleon was terrified of cats
                     cats have OCD - licking and 
licking and licking the same spot
                       spots and pots and kettles 
are all the same and all are black
                      black versus white and right 
against wrong 
wrong turn on the road and you are lost
                              lost treasure, a mere 
X on a map
  a map to someone’s imagination and dreams
                             dreams and nightmares, 
who knows what is real?
             real feelings of heart - a strange place
                                        place that 
turns into a new world
          world that turns and we don’t even notice 
it spins
spins and turns (again!) - i’ve been here...
                              here and there and 
back again
again and never, love hurts and tastes so good
                                    good deed will 
get punished and innocent will suffer for sinners.
                                  sinners and saints 
both walk the earth and the Earth spins 
faster than ever.

Wake up, sir

‘Wake up, sir.’ - I almost said. My hand is close 
to his shoulder, almost touching. Why? Why should 
I wake him? No. This is my chance. I could sneak out, 
take some of his money even, his coat and his hat, 
his boots. No one would know. I would be long gone 
before the maid comes in to clean the room. 
I could make it all the way to Nevada. They don’t ask 
no questions there. No more of ‘yes, sir’, ‘right 
away, sir’, ‘of course, sir’. I could be a free man… 

‘Wake up, sir. The coach is here.’ 

The first sentence is from ‘The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes’ by Neil Gaiman and I cheated….a bit. My first pick was ‘Neverwhere’ (also by Neil Gaiman) however I didn’t like that the first sentence included a name of a character.

Second choice was ‘The Book Thief ‘by Marcus Zusak but I felt that the first sentence was just too specific for this book.

My all time favourite book is actually ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ by Erich Maria Remarque but I only read it in my native language. My ultimate goal is to read it in German….and by reading, I really mean by listening to it as I have pretty much moved to the audio books.

Anyway, Neil Gaiman is my favourite author and The Sandman is simply epic…plus it just was released as an audio book with James McAvoy, so I thought this would be justifiable.

Also, I know I am one day late again. No excuses this time. I was hella procrastinating.


Source: 365 Days of Writing Prompts, January 5

First sentence from favourite book = first sentence of the post.