I woke up to another morning to water hammering 
on the windowsill and wanted to cry. It seems that 
five days of rain in a row is my limit.

I had to go to the office that day. And I couldn't 
bear walking out of the doors. I craved sunshine. 

My sister casually mentioned that our dog has a toy 
sun...I wasn't the only one smiling in the office 
that day.
Sunshine in my pocket
I know it is absurd. However I also refuse to believe 
that I am the only weirdo out there stealing their 
dogs' toys and bringing them to work.

Trent’s World Weekly Smile

3 thoughts on “SUN #weeklysmile 1

  1. lol, too funny. Years ago the office I worked in had a row of windows about 8 feet up. The windows just went to the office next door, and you couldn’t see in, unless you stood on a table. One day, the ladies in the room next to ours were complaining about the seemingly endless rains, days and days without the sun. So I drew a sun, colored it in with highlighter and taped it to the window, facing their side. The sun hung there for many years, generating smiles the entire time… Thanks for joining in this week! Hope you see the real sun soon!


    1. Your story just reminded me of my sister’s friend. My sister wanted something to cheer her up and her friend gave her a ‘Happy little paper’ that she made by literally just writing ‘Happy little paper’ on a scrap of paper. Her mood was improved immediately. Sometimes the silliest things work best 😀


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