‘Wake up, sir.’ - I almost said. My hand is close 
to his shoulder, almost touching. Why? Why should 
I wake him? No. This is my chance. I could sneak out, 
take some of his money even, his coat and his hat, 
his boots. No one would know. I would be long gone 
before the maid comes in to clean the room. 
I could make it all the way to Nevada. They don’t ask 
no questions there. No more of ‘yes, sir’, ‘right 
away, sir’, ‘of course, sir’. I could be a free man… 

‘Wake up, sir. The coach is here.’ 

The first sentence is from ‘The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes’ by Neil Gaiman and I cheated….a bit. My first pick was ‘Neverwhere’ (also by Neil Gaiman) however I didn’t like that the first sentence included a name of a character.

Second choice was ‘The Book Thief ‘by Marcus Zusak but I felt that the first sentence was just too specific for this book.

My all time favourite book is actually ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ by Erich Maria Remarque but I only read it in my native language. My ultimate goal is to read it in German….and by reading, I really mean by listening to it as I have pretty much moved to the audio books.

Anyway, Neil Gaiman is my favourite author and The Sandman is simply epic…plus it just was released as an audio book with James McAvoy, so I thought this would be justifiable.

Also, I know I am one day late again. No excuses this time. I was hella procrastinating.


Source: 365 Days of Writing Prompts, January 5

First sentence from favourite book = first sentence of the post.

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