I love how you lock my eyes when we talk

I love when you laugh with me

I love your fingers tickling my spine

I love how you pull me closer and breath in the scent of my hair

I love the way you kiss my neck

I love your sculptured muscles

I love how your beard scratches my cheeks

I love to wake up next to you and watch you still sleeping

I love when you make me coffee and then drink half of it

and I can taste it in your kiss

I love when you cook dinner

and we never quite manage to sit down and eat it

I love your notes around my place

I love the marks you leave on my flat

I love the marks you leave on me

I love you

But peanuts are a deal breaker

3 thoughts on “Peanuts are a Deal breaker

  1. We all have that line in the sand… Funny, a day or two ago I saw your name and stopped by to see if you had any recent posts, but it had been almost a year. I guess I was just a couple of days early.

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    1. Thank you for visiting and apologies for responding this late – I had a bunch of posts scheduled for a month ahead and wasn’t really visiting the site otherwise. I am trying to find a new “rhythm” and get the page going again. I’m still figuring out how to do it but I would like to stick with some sort of regime this time!

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      1. It’s hard for me to get back into the groove of it after a few days or a week or two, so I’m sure it must be difficult after a year….


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