z (27)

has every person at the age of 27
thought about death?

i did
i remember being haunted 
by the thought 
but why?

it's an imaginary milestone
our youth turning
into a true adulthood 
a little death

death of our wildest dreams
fantasies about our futures 

harsh slap of reality
Note: This was the biggest stretch of them all! The above image of double lined Z is a symbol for a set of integers. Number 27 is a part of this set...stretch. 

young man

he reminds me of my youth
the one i wasted, never lived
i want it back 

he lives his life to the brink
i envy him
he has no fear
no worry
no care what society thinks

he's a young man
and i'm young with him

xx (kiss kiss)

stick up my nose every week
never ending cycle of
home-work-grocery shop
behind locked doors by 8
no space at home
only escape is running
when i daydream 
i don't even mind 
the cold, the wind, the rain
enough of this
i'm turning into anarchist 




can't move
can't escape

i promise to be
a good girl
release me

note: cheat again as i couldn't find a song starting with the letter u but still kind of on the theme as mgk has plenty of unreleased material. 

see my tears

i'm invisible 
   but somehow i get noticed 
i want to watch 
   not be observed
i need a hug
   but still hide my tears 

don't look at me
it burns my skin 

"i don't care who sees me naked.
i do care who sees me cry."
~ night manager (tv series)

question (why are you here)

standing in front of the looking glass
questioning my existence again
as if the blank face could answer. 

what is your life's purpose?

because i haven't found it yet
i can almost sense it
it's there 
within my grasp
but my fingertips only touch air

why are you here?
or are you just a sheep?
note: first one where i had to "cheat" as i couldn't find a song starting with "q". there will be few more - "u", "x" and "z".