blue skies

blue skies above us
threaded through with
orange and pink hues -
just kaleidoscope of smog 

grass is greener on the other side?
before you trample it.

water is crystal clear on the icy north?
ice that is slowly drowning us


almost there
almost where?

where and what is there?

i'm struggling to find dreams
drowning in a fog 
my life, my mind, my soul

touch of ray at its edge
feel of sunshine, is it real?
i can't see it but it's
almost there 

cat snores

The cat is snoring on my bed
I’ve finished my fourth beer
it’s two o’clock at night
and I should go to sleep.

The cat stirred and started snoring louder
the timer on the heater clicked off.
The rain hasn’t stopped for three days.

All I write is nonsense
I drink beer and
hope the sun will show his face.
I listen to cat’s snores.

That’s all I’ve got.
I’ve drunk too much beer.


Napoleon was terrified of cats
                     cats have OCD - licking and 
licking and licking the same spot
                       spots and pots and kettles 
are all the same and all are black
                      black versus white and right 
against wrong 
wrong turn on the road and you are lost
                              lost treasure, a mere 
X on a map
  a map to someone’s imagination and dreams
                             dreams and nightmares, 
who knows what is real?
             real feelings of heart - a strange place
                                        place that 
turns into a new world
          world that turns and we don’t even notice 
it spins
spins and turns (again!) - i’ve been here...
                              here and there and 
back again
again and never, love hurts and tastes so good
                                    good deed will 
get punished and innocent will suffer for sinners.
                                  sinners and saints 
both walk the earth and the Earth spins 
faster than ever.

Postcard / Pohľadnica

Author: Július Lenko

Among the trees sky-blue pond
with racing white ducks
and close by
a green lizard on a tree stump.
What country am I in?
I am sending it to you on a postcard.
Come, come immediately.
Arrive with the first rain,
you'll find me by a heart carved in stone.

Come before
it turns into a scar. 
Pomedzi stromy vidno belasý rybník,
na ňom preteky bielych kačíc
a celkom blízko
peň stromu so zelenou jaštericou.
V akej som krajine?
Posielam ti ju na pohľadnici.
Príď, ihneď príď.
Prileť s prvým dažďom,
nájdeš ma po srdci, vytesanom v kameni.

Príď prv,
kým na jazvu sa premení. 

U to Z_haiku

Mighty universe, 
why are there no unicorns?
I need a rainbow.
Eat your greens says mom -
vegetables on my plate,'s a mushy pile. 
pretty garden hides
underground kingdom of worms
they need each other
Plant tissue xylem
bringing water from the roots 
to the plant. Nature... 
Let's restart this year
Let's repeat 2020
'cause something went wrong.
Zebra's angry shouts -
I am not a stripy horse!
Sorry, but you are.
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