wake up at the same time everyday
prepare your clothes the night before

how can you do something big
when you can't even brush your teeth every morning?

every act, even the littlest one
creates space for doing more

the more you do,
more you want to, 
less you do,
less you are able to

sometimes habits are good. 

blue skies

blue skies above us
threaded through with
orange and pink hues -
just kaleidoscope of smog 

grass is greener on the other side?
before you trample it.

water is crystal clear on the icy north?
ice that is slowly drowning us


almost there
almost where?

where and what is there?

i'm struggling to find dreams
drowning in a fog 
my life, my mind, my soul

touch of ray at its edge
feel of sunshine, is it real?
i can't see it but it's
almost there 

A2Z 2021 theme

For this year (as if I did this regularly lol), the "theme" is more of a connection between the post titles. These are taken from song names by MGK or songs he has a feature on. 
Why MGK? Because at the moment his music is the only thing I feel some kind of attachment to. I struggle with doing anything these days, I can't even think of doing something and have no interest to either. 

There is nothing.
And it really starts to bother me. 

So, I recon, taking music and applying it to writing could work and get me out of that nothingness and find the sunshine again.   

The posts will most likely be short with a poetry vibe to it...write what I feel kind of thing depending on the song title. Should be interesting. Probably depressing.