For this year (as if I did this regularly lol), the "theme" is more of a connection between the post titles. These are taken from song names by MGK or songs he has a feature on. 
Why MGK? Because at the moment his music is the only thing I feel some kind of attachment to. I struggle with doing anything these days, I can't even think of doing something and have no interest to either. 

There is nothing.
And it really starts to bother me. 

So, I recon, taking music and applying it to writing could work and get me out of that nothingness and find the sunshine again.   

The posts will most likely be short with a poetry vibe to it...write what I feel kind of thing depending on the song title. Should be interesting. Probably depressing. 

2 thoughts on “A2Z 2021 theme

  1. Well, I hope if it doesn’t bring you into the sunshine it at least adds a little something to the nothing… Not an artist I know well, so may prove interesting for me to look up/listen to the references.

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  2. I’m in the midst of a severe depression, atop my chronic dysthymia, & I can definitely relate to your struggle with wanting to do anything these days. I, too, am hoping that participating in the challenge will help lift my energy & spirit & I certainly hope it will bring you energy & sunshine or, at a minimum, sunny, warmer days with the possibility of only a few clouds.

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