WHEP! #weeklysmile 2

I guess the total craze of today's world finally 
caught up with me this week. I went on a bit of 
anger fuelled political rampage that is still 
burning strongly in my heart.
I was feeling very vulnerable by the subtle abuse 
of human rights in the name of fighting Covid-19 in
Slovakia, by the madness that is happening in Poland 
and Belarus, the total disregard of women's and LGBT+
rights and absolute laugh in the face of democracy.
Not a good week...


there is always something worth smiling for.

This is the silliest thing I am a part of. Yet, we 
are probably making a Guinness world record. As many 
of us, thanks to the pandemic, I have started spending 
a lot more time on internet and got quite hooked on
YouTube. I find it hard to watch normal TV or Netflix 
most of the time as I struggle to find something that 
I would like to watch that wouldn't be too long. 
I have discovered lot of creators on YouTube during 
this past few months that I really enjoy watching, and 
I also became part of the communities around those 

The most significant, or the community I am most 
involved in, is around one Joel Berghult who runs a 
music-centred channel RoomieOfficial. 

It all started on 1st September with Joel's tweet 
"Wheptember", followed by a "Whep", then "Whep 2", 
and "Whep 3"...we are on Whep 21,999 as of the moment 
of writing this post, waiting for Joel to do the 
We have created a Twitter chain with 22K whep messages. 

Yes, we are insane. 

We, a group of 50 odd people across all time zones 
and continents, have also created the most wholesome 
place on internet. It's a pick me up place where 
there's always someone to give you a virtual hug or 
wish you the best day. 

I don't care if it's silly. I love it.     


SUN #weeklysmile 1

I woke up to another morning to water hammering 
on the windowsill and wanted to cry. It seems that 
five days of rain in a row is my limit.

I had to go to the office that day. And I couldn't 
bear walking out of the doors. I craved sunshine. 

My sister casually mentioned that our dog has a toy 
sun...I wasn't the only one smiling in the office 
that day.
Sunshine in my pocket
I know it is absurd. However I also refuse to believe 
that I am the only weirdo out there stealing their 
dogs' toys and bringing them to work.

Trent’s World Weekly Smile