I am a Hero!

I jumped on the busy train to Brighton

Gatwick airport – finally got seat

Mildly lost my way to hostel

But not too lost to hurt my feet


The bunk bed squeaked with every turn

Scared to move, just wished for sleep

My bed fellow’s and mine ears burned

Both nervous about  – BEEP BEEP BEEP


I was up at six, pretty ready if you ask

Changed into my running gear

Mind focussed to task

Made my porridge and my tea


The morning was frosty but sunny

And the Brighton beach serene

Crowds started to gather quickly

Soon the pens resembled sardines


Ten, nine, eight and so on till start

The elite sprinted – we not so much

Four minutes when we finally crossed the start

Off we went with James, our 2hours pacers lad


First mile, damn it’s crowded –

kept following the purple flag

Mile two and the ascend started

And didn’t finish till 4 and half


Narrow routes and elbows fights

Everyone wanted to go downhill fast

I said good bye to the pacer group

found a gap and zigzagged past


I chose my pace and stuck to it

Mile five, the gel was out

Mile six – almost half way there

Seventh came and went


I chose my pace and stuck to it

Except when the cold wind bit

My wind jacket’s bound too tight

Round my waist, had to stop to clear the mess


Mile eight I felt bit bored

Water station after ninth

Sipped and sucked another gel

Blackcurrant! What was I thinking?


Mile ten, just three too go

Mile eleven, almost home

Mile twelve when I saw the purple flag

So I sped up


Mile thirteen and my lugs now hurt

I could see the finish line

Few more steps and I’ll have my medal

Here I go – my first sub 2 half!


Ok, I admit I lost the ballad-y feel pretty early on and I am very much distracted and happy about my first sub two hours half marathon – that was yesterday 1:58:42 in Brighton so please forgive me 🙂

This is happy me 🙂


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