Clouded Reality

My mind

lost in sweet dreams

the real dispersed in clouds;

by endless imagination

I live

Books, Clubs, Faults and Stars

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This is one of the books that must (and indeed has been filmed). It is also one of the books, that when it gets filmed, you don’t want to see the film. You don’t want to be disappointed by it.

I loved it. It was sad but not pathetic. Dreams where dreamt but dreams did not come through.


Fact of the day

We are technically still in an ice age.


I’ve heard that Canada is quite cold at this time of year 🙂



Training and company

So I am now officially training for the London marathon in April. It is going well so far, I did five runs this week including a 10 miler today. It went better than expected considering I had my friend hangover along for the run. But the Bowie tribute band and few shots of tequila were worth the mild discomfort this morning.

What was most surprising about the run today was that I was not alone. The Thames path turned into runner’s highway with Battersea park being the absolute popularity winner. I am not sure why I was not expecting the runners – it is a beautiful and sunny day, most of the London marathoners have embraced the necessity to train and the new year’s resolutions are still going strong too. (But hey, I have not expected snow in Iceland in January either.) It was a nice change to have company compared to my training for Toronto where I met runners on the same route very sporadically.

Although running is an individual sport, I find that running with someone or in a group keeps me motivated. Actually just seeing other runners motivates me. It is a boost for my determination as it is not alway easy to stick to the training plan. Now my mind is set on discipline, my body will eventually catch up to my pre-Toronto level of fitness, the only thing now remains is to stop snoozing and/or turning off the alarm on Saturdays and get up to join the park runs again.

Total milage for this week: 26 miles / 42 km

Parkrun UK

Fact of the Day

The longest carrot was nearly twenty feet long.


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