Part-time overview of 2014



Zero Tolerance to Hiccups

Hiccup – an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm and respiratory organs, with a sudden closure of the glottis and a characteristic gulping sound.

Worst of all, most cases of hiccups occur for no apparent reason. But these might be according to NHS some of the triggers:

  • drinking alcohol
  • smoking
  • having a bloated stomach
  • eating too quickly or eating spicy foods
  • drinking hot or fizzy drinks
  • swallowing air – for example, while chewing gum
  • a sudden change in room temperature
  • a sudden change in the temperature inside your stomach – for example, eating something hot followed by a cold drink
  • emotions, such as stress, fear or excitement

Right. Hiccups is one of those conditions I can’t deal with. I don’t get hiccups often. But when I do, you would think I’m having a heart attack for all the tantrums that I’m throwing. Usually drinking lots of water helps. Without breathing. Drinking until you are almost drowning. Not pleasant. Therefore I have done bit of a research on the good old web and found few other interesting suggestions. The winning one is pulling your tongue out. Just the visual makes it for me.


On the other hand, there worse conditions human beings can find themselves.

Homelessness – Crisis

Running post #1

After ten days of specific Christmas training of gluttony and a bottle of bubbly a day I have returned to running again. Yay! The first run (yesterday) was less painful than expected though I will have to figure out the correct number of clothing layers in this wintery weather. There was lots of sweating last night. On the other hand I was nice and warm/bordering on hot while the ground started to shine with frosty film. I also have to remember not to forget  that I’m cooking something before I go for a run if I want to avoid extremely well cooked eggs (#SavedByTheFlatmates).

What I find really strange is that the cold doesn’t bother me when I’m running. I prefer running outside during winter. It is most probably just a temporary state of mind though. But it is bit of a struggle for me to go to the gym these days. Not that I can get out if it. I can’t really do any kind of hill training outside in central London. There is a distinct lack of hills. (Yes, I know of Hampstead Heath. That’s zone 2. Therefore it doesn’t count.) The closest it gets to a hill around here is the approach on Millennium bridge from the south side of the Thames and perhaps from the north on the Blackfriars bridge if you follow the Thames path. They also double as obstacle courses because of the tourists.  Thames path is my running route but I much prefer to run westwards although the Battersea park can be pretty eery after the sun sets down.

I did bit of a cross training today and will finish 2014 with a PT session and a short run. Well, maybe a run – I’m in charge of gin cocktails for the evening. I will have to test them before I serve them, right?

Fact of the Day

Pigs can’t look up at the sky.


That makes me kind of sad…

The Book Club at the End of the Lane

Neil Gaiman – The Ocean at the End of the Lane.


I love Neil. I loved this long short story. I can’t call it a novel. It is not a novel. It is not even a novella, not even a novelette. It is a long short story. If it was a novel, I would have been disappointed.

Fact of the Day

Bats always turn left when exiting a cave.


Which way does Batman turn?

The Magnificent Seven Club – London

That would be the Seven Continents Club of marathon runners who have run a marathon on each of the seven continents. Yep, I would like to become a member. It will take a while; two done, five (including the really cold one) to go. Fingers crossed, next year around this time I will be able to say third continent conquered. If everything goes according to plans, I will be running a marathon in Singapore next December.

But I still have the London one to do on 26th April before then. I love the London marathon, this is the marathon that made me start running. I remember when I went to watch and support the runners for the first time in the heart of Canary Wharf back in 2009. The atmosphere was electrifying. The buzz was incredible, the concentration of emotions overpowering, and a wave of positive energy was uplifting the crowds. You could physically feel the spirit of the race. London marathon is the biggest single day charity event in the world. Believe me, if you need a touch hope, love, understanding, support or passion, become a one with the audience. You will be embraced. Taking a part on this day, is better than a therapy session.

In September 2009 I ran my first ever race, 5k in London’s Hyde park. Three years later, in 2012, I was running the London marathon. If there’s anything better than cheering at London marathon, it’s being cheered on while you run. I’m actually quite teary-eyed just remembering it. I cannot wait for April to come. The months of hard training will be worth it.

This is me after finishing in 2012.

eva marathon1       eva marathon2

Fact of the Day

You can’t name a folder ‘con’ in Microsoft Windows.


Like licking an elbow, I tried this one too. It’s a fact.

Bad Signs of the Book Club

Book review RJ Ellory – Bad Signs


Second book in the book club series was Bad Signs by RJ Ellory. I have finished it in three days, several months ago (not exactly sure when – past is a blur for me).

I couldn’t put it down and it was getting worse towards the end when my e-reader melted into my palms and I ungracefully grazed my knees because I was reading while walking.

Funny thing is, that there was a parallel experience with the first book in the book club series (book no. 1). I was familiar with RJ Ellory through the Quiet beliefs in Angels. I didn’t like it that much but it had nothing to do with the writing. I am not big on the crime genre and find suspense too disturbing; it feels too real – something that could actually happen. I skimmed through the pages after reading the first two chapters and then read the last one. So, you see it was all my fault not liking the book and my inability to brave the story.

This time I have decided I will read the book, the way books are meant to be read, from start to the finish. There were some rather dark events happening though I felt that the tone of the book was quite light. I wasn’t scared reading it. I loved the characters and the way how each of them were introduced to the story, no matter how long they stayed being a part of the story. The story was engaging, the pace and gradual intensity of the writing addictive and if you are thinking to dip your toes in crime reading, this is the novel to start with.

Zero Tolerance to Gore

Just to get it out there, I do not watch horror films. I know people who love them and they love getting scared (in safe environment of the cinema or their homes). I hate being scared and as this is my personal list of things I cannot stand, gruesome grossness on TV screens is on it. Especially as gruesome stuff is allowed while boobs and willies are a taboo.

In connection to the male and female parts – don’t we think that they should have the opportunity to be presented in equal measures?

Hence my other issue for G is gender inequality.

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