I have lost many things, some of them of monetary value but I can’t think of one that would mean anything significant to me now. I had my heart broken and felt abandoned but I don’t wish to have any of those people back in my life. Sometimes I get lost on my way from point A to point B but for me it is an opportunity to unexpectedly discover new corners of the world.  Often I get lost in my head, losing track of time and touch with reality. Don’t even get me started on how many times I have lost the plot. I am losing memories, the good and the bad, but that is normal brain behaviour and I need to accommodate the new ones somewhere. I lost a competition and I lost a race but this only made me more determined and made me work harder.

Somehow I have never lost my keys or my ID. But I am losing my patience quite often. Usually followed by loss of temper. I would rather lose the keys but keep the cool head.

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