[P] is for P..a…l….m

I wish I could give you the full title. I wish the word was mine. However it is not. This word is playing a vital part in a short story that is being written by someone else. It is a made up word. And it is magnificent.

As I can’t really elaborate further on the magnificence of the p..a…l….m, I decided to explore some other equally wonderful made up words. I started a little research on this topic and got very quickly distracted by this website http://wordoid.com/ and got kind of lost there for few hours. Click on it. It is fun. But please come back.

If you clicked on the link, you know it is a website that creates words. So yes, this post will be about my made up words. I have tried to stay true to the A to Z challenge, so I invented (with a little help) 26 words each starting with different letter of the alphabet. Here they are:


Androcia – a plant in a shape of a dragon, when mature it coughs fire

Brandard – a person obsessed with no longer existing brands

Certing – a process of being certified (slang)

Dimense – adj. something/someone trying to be intense and failing miserably

Equalid – equality that actually means equality, validated equality

Fourders – worshipers of number four, often walking in a square formation

Gryphallis  – a less known relative of a griffin, a creature of smaller proportions with a head and wings of a sparrow and body of a cat, often a kept as a pet for its beautiful voice

Homewhat – a place close to the home but not exactly home, especially used by teenagers

Irritory – a place in the house where for no apparent reason, one becomes irritated

Jaminery – type of a factory or an engineering plant that is purposely producing faulty goods

Kochange – a change that will result in a disaster

Louised  – adj. being in a company of too many women called Louise

Meeties – short unplanned meetings, usually on the street going about your own business

Nerdatory – adj. mandatory of the highest level, something so mandatory that no one has found an argument against it

Ougal – very ugly bird that no one is able to see twice as the bird is so incredibly ugly that the visual cortex shuts down immediately upon spotting the ougal. This condition is called Visual Shock Syndrome and is very often irreversible.

Princide – act of suicide committed by a prince, often confused with pringlecide which means committing suicide by eating too many crisps.

Quandard – unit of measurement measuring the standards of quality, it has not been agreed yet on the exact size, volume or length of this unit

Readway – type of a road where you are allowed to read a book while driving

Sotone – type of a beach stone shaped in a perfect sphere considered to have healing properties

Taxatile – adj. being able to tax anything and anyone under any circumstance

Uzzer – type of a loser so ill-equipped to life on Earth he spends most of his time sleeping

Voidier – a creature thriving in an environment often described as void

Wrapiction – an addiction to wrapping, seasonal disorder most evident in December

Xinsula – peninsula in a shape of x, not present on planet Earth

Yesture – any type of gesture expressing positive response

Zebrate – to stand too close to a zebra in order to synchronize breathing


P in the A to Z challenge.



[O] is for Obedience

Marika made sure the flat stayed in pristine state, food she cooked was worth a Michelin star, and Joe’s shirts were ironed and crispy white. Day by day. It filled her with pride that her man was so perfect. Her days were spent doing chores or shopping for necessities. She rarely bought anythings for herself, and if only sensible things; she didn’t want to take advantage of Joe’s money. It was December and she was living with him for four months now.

   December was different though. Festive. This time she allowed herself to look for something special, a dress. The office Christmas party was in two weeks and she was going to be Joe’s plus one. She needed to look presentable, worthy of him. The dress was long, strapless and blood red. She felt beautiful and sexy, excited to see Joe’s reaction. She prepared his favourite dinner, lit candles and waited at the door wrapped in silk.

   She returned the dress the next day and exchanged it for a black gown with full sleeves. Joe was right, the red dress was too provocative, it was after all still a business occasion. The party was success. It was the first time she experienced the exclusivity of City life, the elegant people, classy hotel reception, gourmet meals, expensive champagne. She even made a new friend. Mrs Goodman, Greta, the wife of the department director. They had two sons and Greta had never returned back to work from her maternity leave. They agreed to meet once a week for a coffee or a walk in a park. Marika thought she would like to have a child too.

   Christmas was knocking on the door and she was thrilled as her parents were spending the holiday with them. It was the first time she would see them since she left home. Joe was uneasy and worried about their visit. His mother died and he had a difficult relationship with his father. Marika felt sorry for him.

   Her family was to become his.

O in the A to Z challenge.


[N] is for Nickelback and/or Nuts

[Rant alert] Yes. Nickelback…and get over it. I am too old to be told what I should like and what I should hate and I am quite capable of forming my own opinion, thank you very much. [Rant over]

Don’t worry, I am not going to start a war with you. I will not try to persuade you about my musical tastes. I will not make you listen to music you are not fond of either. There are plenty of musicians I am not a fan of myself. But it doesn’t give me the right to spread hate.

Recently, I have read an article on internet (one that will seduce you with twenty fantastical titles at the end and you find yourself spending hours reading totally irrelevant mash of information you forget the second you move onto the next one) and it was called something similar to ’10 signs that your girlfriend is nuts’. One of those signs according to the article was listening to Nickelback. Which I guess makes me nuts. I am not arguing with the result. I think I am nuts. I am nuts because I walked 100km nonstop with a stress fracture of tibia. I am nuts because I will walk 100km nonstop this year again (hopefully without acquiring a broken leg). My mental state is something of a question, I am reading internet articles of dubious nature after all. HoweverI don’t consider myself crazy for listening to rock music.

Like what you like as long as it makes you happy and no one else miserable.

N in the A to Z challenge.



[M] is for Mathematics

{[(Orange + Violet) x (Mercedonus + Magpies for a wedding)] – Ladies dancing} x (Mercedonus – Ladies dancing) = Gates of Valhalla

[(Ladies dancing x Dowgate) – Ladies dancing] x Calling birds = Gates of Valhalla

(Vibilia – Ladies dancing) x Calling birds = Gates of Valhalla

CXXXV x Calling birds = Gates of Valhalla

Gates of Valhalla = Gates of Valhalla






{[(2+7) x (13+3)] – 9} x (13-9) = 540




2 | Orange = second colour of the visible spectrum

3 | Three Magpies for a wedding

4 | Four calling birds (Twelve days of Christmas)

7 | Violet = seventh colour of the visible spectrum

9 | Nine Ladies dancing (Twelve days of Christmas)

13 | 13th Roman month = Mercedonus

16 | Dowgate, Alphabetically the 16th Ward of The City of London

135 | CXXXV (in Roman numerals)

144 | 144 Vibilia – asteroid

540 | 540 Gates of Valhalla

Numbers are fun.

M in the A to Z challenge.


[L] is for Love

Marika met Joe in a City bar where she was collecting empty glasses from the tables in exchange for a paycheque. She was in London only three months and her English was still something that needed improving. He didn’t mind the wrong expressions she used and he made an effort to correct her. She was learning a lot just by talking to him. So when Joe asked her to stay after work one day, she didn’t mind.

   They started dating. She was so happy that she found an Englishman for a boyfriend.  The envy and jealousy of her flatmates were obvious (at least that is what she liked to imagine). She lived in an overcrowded three bedroom house in Edgware. She liked some of the co-habitants, some not so much, some she never saw because they were always working. Joe made her life better. He persuaded his boss to give her a job in the office to file documents and enter data to spreadsheets so she didn’t have to work in a place where drunken men were making advances on her. It was a dull assignment but she didn’t argue. She was thrilled to be in the same building as him. Not that they had many chances to be actually together during the working hours. Joe was very busy.

   He suggested she moves in with him after two months. He was worried about the long travel from Edgware to City and dangers she may encounter. His flat in Waterloo was immaculate. Joe had a cleaning lady that came over twice a week but she felt she should do the chores herself. She was the lady of the house now – she would take care of her man. Joe agreed and suggested to her to stay at home; he earned enough.

   They were so happy.

L in the A to Z challenge.


[K] is for K.O.

K is an underused letter in English. Crazy cat ate cream and custard. How many Ks have you heard? Four. But all you see is C. It is not fair. K has defeated me. Or it also may be the amount of alcohol I have allowed to enter my mouth today. It was my mom’s 60th birthday yesterday. Today it was the family party. Serious family stuff was on the agenda. Serious talks, serious tears. Ending in serious lack of coordination between my brain and my fingertips. I am K.O.

K in the A to Z challenge.



[J] is for Janka

Janka is my sister. She is the younger one so she has not suffered the ‘naming after the parent’, unlike me. In my family, a tradition has been born (with me) where the first child is named after a parent. My mother did that and both of her younger sisters too. The tradition has started with them and will stop with us. By us, who are exposed to the confusion, loss of privacy as our letters were constantly opened by our parents, and endless explaining – no, the person you are looking for is actually my mom. Our traditions don’t last very long. With each year we add to our age, more alterations are being made. Not even Christmas traditions are safe. Easter was banned years ago.

Marasca is not my real name. But I feel it is my true name. I was given the surname printed in my passport after my father. I am not my father. I am a half of my mother too (btw it’s her 60th birthday today). So I have taken half of her maiden name and half of my father’s name and mashed them together. Mara-sca. I think it sounds great. It compliments my first name (which I actually don’t mind that much). Plus it is also a type of sour cherry.  And I love cherries.

J in the A to Z challenge.



Absurd Behaviour Creates Determined Environment.

Founders of Global History, as Identified by J. K. Liberty, Modernized Nature.

Occasional Progress Quietly Reconstructed Science.

Transformation of the Universe is Vital.

Warmongering X-ray Yearned for Zen.



NB | A-Z challenge within A-Z challenge no 2

NB2 | Warmongerism, X-rayism, Yearnism and Zenism are made up (obviously) 

NB3 | ‘Western Xerox Yawned Zealously.’ was a runner up. (Westernism, Xeroxism, Yawnism and Zealism are equally made up.)


I in the A to Z challenge.


[G] is for God

or more specifically G is for a godly presence. London City’s train stations have suddenly been populated by leaflet givers spreading the holy words. I am not entirely sure what to think of that. I should really ask them rather then speculate though. But here is my theory anyway:

City = Banks = Money

Money = Greed = Sin

=> City needs saving

How badly do you want me to get into the morals of free economy and social injustice?  Exactly. I could spend hours on research, studying statistics and then write a lengthy paper that would look at all the angles, all the arguments, consequences, relations, pros and cons etc. I could. But I will not because deep down I am a sinner too. Not because I’m greedy or because I don’t care for others. I am worse because I do care. I help charities. I am doing my best to preserve our planet. I am aware. But I still take my paycheque and pretend I cannot see the bad guy who is giving it to me.

G in the A to Z challenge.