[K] is for K.O.

K is an underused letter in English. Crazy cat ate cream and custard. How many Ks have you heard? Four. But all you see is C. It is not fair. K has defeated me. Or it also may be the amount of alcohol I have allowed to enter my mouth today. It was my mom’s 60th birthday yesterday. Today it was the family party. Serious family stuff was on the agenda. Serious talks, serious tears. Ending in serious lack of coordination between my brain and my fingertips. I am K.O.

K in the A to Z challenge.




  1. Basil Rene · April 12, 2014

    You know this means you will be voted off the island right? 😀


  2. Pen of the Sheep · April 13, 2014

    Lol hope you don’t feel it in the morning! Happy birthday to your mom!


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