Day 22 of Zero to Hero  (yes I am behind again…but it is finally Friday so I am catching up) has challenged us to new challenges. Yay! Fun! Hurray! I have started following three new blogs that provide exactly that. The one that has really caught my eye [visually a very disturbing image btw (does everyone read btw as by the way now?)] is thebookshelfgargoyle – firstly, what a brilliant name! secondly, 50 words flash fiction! thirdly, the prompts are up for half a year! I have noted down all six and will start working on them as soon as I’m done with this post. I love organising and lists and planning. I am planning the planning of the planning. I am a Virgo. That is normal with us.

I have accidentally found out how to do ‘page up’ on Mac in the process of writing this random collection of words (if anyone out there knows where the Mac version of ‘Del’ key is, please let me know. My PC withdrawals are less severe but I still have bad moments. I did managed to find #).

Day 23 Roundup post. I guess I have sort of started in the first paragraph. Although the second link is a big cheat (I do secretly think it is funny though. I do apologise.). I don’t think rounding up is for me. I am more than happy to mention whoever and whatever that inspired me, made me think or made me smile and provide their links and references, and most importantly share my love of them. But I would like to do it in a less organised way. [What? Less organised? But you are a Virgo?! – I am also  a Monkey so my life is a constant battle of two completely opposing feelings inside me (those opposing feelings sometimes manifest themselves in my actions. Just like now.)] So. Roundup. In the moment. When it means something. Not waiting for the end of the week.

It’s Friday night and I am sitting at home catching up on my blog….and worst of all, I was looking forward to it since Wednesday…I think I can bury my social life. Please someone write a eulogy.

I will catch up on Day 21 soon-ish. Or eventually.

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