Indifference by Dan Rhodes

Not wanting the intensity of my love to drive Skylark away, I feigned indifference. I worried that this tactic wasn’t working; seeming bored in my company, she would keep looking at her watch as though impatient to go somewhere far better. Even so, we would always disinterestedly arrange to meet up again. When, besotted, I casually suggested we get married, she shrugged her shoulders and, yawning, said, ‘Whatever.’ I couldn’t believe my luck. The man asked us whether we were prepared to love and cherish one another forever. Skylark said she might as well, and I told him I supposed so.

From Anthropology and a hundred other stories

The Black Spiral

Trent's World (the Blog)

Blackhole Mind

Someone I don’t know
Is living in my head
He sees the whole world
Just in shades of red
My opinions are his food
He grows stronger on thin air
Mining through my prejudice
Feasting on my fear
A never ending whirlpool
Sweeps me without fight
A bottomless sinkhole
Devours everything in sight
The blackhole in my mind
Collapses in forever
Making my most idiotic thoughts
Seem so very clever
Oh Anger! Oh Hate!
Gentle shouts, violent whispers cease
Leave me to live my life
To live my life in peace


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Dangers of a Book Club

We have decided to start a book club (of tiniest proportions) with girls at work. Every month one of us will choose a book and we will read and discuss it at lunch time of the last Friday of the month. Which is the basic concept of book clubs in general I guess. The only adjustment we have made is an addition of pizza and a glass of wine.  Also this means I will  be  regularly posting my opinion (can’t really call it a review – firstly, I have no idea how to write one and secondly, I would have to pay attention to the books – which may become problematic if I am not enjoying them).

   The first book that has been chosen (recommended by a flatmate of my colleague) is ‘White teeth‘ by Zadie Smith. Highly acclaimed and successful British author, Zadie Smith. I was familiar with her, and one of her later books ‘On Beauty’.

   Therefore I was left absolutely unenthusiastic. I read about five pages of ‘On Beauty’ that I picked it up at a charity store (because I liked the cover) before I returned it. My newly found literary soul mate, also a member of the newly established book club, picked up another copy of ‘On Beauty’ at a different charity shop, also because she liked the (same) cover, and yes, she put it down disappointed after reading few pages. Oh, and her name is also Eva (scary, isn’t it?).

   So. I wasn’t exactly happy with the first choice. But I started reading ‘White teeth’ and I didn’t stop till the end. (I did not attempt to chew through the preview of the next book that was added as a teaser after the finish.) It took me two weeks. Only two of us (Eva and Eva) have succeeded to do this so far. There are still almost two weeks to go (which gives me the opportunity to return to Game of Thrones – yay!) but there isn’t much chance that the remaining four girls will get to the final dot….there is too much quadrupled moaning involved.

   The characters were well portrayed…they were also over the top and empty (and I wasn’t aware this can be achieved at the same time); the only person that actually appeared credible was Irie (English/Jamaican….same as the author actually…hmm). I liked some of the language; there were some really strong sentences that shone through the very uneventful plot. I know, I know. If I break it down, there was quite a lot of going on. But. It was so shallow. There was so much potential for storytelling but the stories fell through a sieve with too many holes and what was left was just too thin and raw, wrapped up in unnecessary fluff. I liked the idea of analogy with the teeth and calling flashback chapters root canals. Problem with that was, that the dentist’s drill had barely scraped the enamel of the tooth in these chapters. In my opinion the book should be edited and re-released as a collection of short stories instead of this displacement of events.

   Also there is a TV series. With James McAvoy (who I adore). No, I do not want to see it.

The Cynic

This just in: let’s pretend that science has proven that karma is a thing. Your words and actions will influence what happens to you in the future. How (if at all) will you change your ways?

I will not change anything. Karma will take care of it. I trust her.


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3 Wishes

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

1. I wish I only had to sleep for an hour each day so I can spend the extra time writing (also I wouldn’t have to worry about giving up the day job whose main role is to pay the rent)

2. I wish for the most beautiful and inspiring dreams during that sleeping hour so I can write beautiful stories

3. I wish for the peace-happiness-health-earth-kindness-love-tolerance-understanding-knowledge-future (and yes, that counts as one because it’s hyphenated)

Daily Prompt: Lucky Star

What if…

…you discovered a lost civilization?

Well, I don’t want to brag but I can tell you exactly what I would do because as it happens, I do have experience in this field.

   I stumbled upon a lost society, when I finally commenced the long promised clear out of all the junk we accumulated and stored in our garage. They didn’t notice me and I was able to sneak really close. I was literally looking inside their round-shaped dwellings. As I observed them, I realised they don’t have eyes and therefore can’t see me. This gave me a boost of confidence and I began researching these creatures with the utmost seriousness of an amateur science enthusiast.

    They appeared to be having a heated argument, you could see the different fractions and attacks at each other. They differed in colour though not much as they were all kind of yellowy grey and green, the strongest parts blackened but still clearly of the same family. To be quite honest, they were rather ugly with their fluffy miniature tentacles reaching and spawning out farther. And they were noisy, not loud noisy but boisterous noisy and their living standards were fairly low, not to mention their behaviour. Definitely not appropriate for apparently advanced civilization. After some time I could make out what the argument was about as they spoke a simple language and used only limited vocabulary. There was a vote being challenged about abandonment of patriarchal system and a debate about pros and cos of establishing a democracy at the same time. And possibly a brawl about a most suitable textiles and whether or not textiles are suitable environment for something.

   As I mentioned, they settled down in our garage, to be exact on the borders of the northern and eastern wall and the adjourning corner. The wall they possessed was the one with the leaking gutter outside.  Now when I’m thinking about it, what if they were not survivors of a lost civilization but  mere mutants? Who knows what hides in the gutter. Maybe I will find another community out there. Doesn’t matter. I would do exactly what I did with the folks inside. Decimate. Kill. Wipe out. My wife hated them. There were clear signs that they were planning a complete takeover of the area, and possibly the whole house. She was convinced their plan to slowly spread out over the walls and under the carpets, poisoning the air with their fumes and choke us in our sleep would work out if I hadn’t discovered them. I think she was right. I should check the gutter. I think I will need more bleach.

What if February Challenge