On the day no. 11 of Zero to Hero we got to explore the blogoverse and left our marks in a way of comments on various blogs. I stumbled upon this fantastic post. Firstly I realised that I will have to schedule several catch ups with some of the authors on the list and their books, and secondly that I am really not reading enough – what happened to the times when I finished two books in a week!? Do the days suddenly have fewer hours?

It also got me thinking. Funnily enough – guess what is the challenge of day 12! – Extending one of your comments into a post! I know I am little bit behind again but the work has started, the old laptop is still dead, and I am only discovering the secrets of the newly unpackaged Mac…and yes I am very good at finding excuses.

Shakespeare vs Pratchett

Opinions are all around us – presented to us or even forced upon us – by parents, friends, schools, media or random people on the street. Some may think their opinion is the only right one (and I usually find it mildly annoying when I have to conclude that they are actually right).  We can choose to do many things with these opinions – accept, ignore or transform them. And sometimes the opinions just sink on us, get mingled with our own ideas, experiences and dreams.

I think loving a book, or indeed any form of art, has very little to do with its quality, perhaps not for literary critics, but I, the common reader – I am looking for connections, reality escape, entertainment. I do not have the statistics but I am pretty sure that 50 Shades trilogy was read (and enjoyed) by more people than the epic War and Peace.  To be perfectly honest, if I ever find myself on a deserted island, I would rather have Harry Potter than Dostoyevsky for a company…which is admittedly rather different situation to the question presented in Paul’s blog. (Well, I did take the selfish individual route.)

So The Sonnets or Good Omens?

No one should have the right to decide which book is worth saving more. Every book that was loved by at least one reader is worth saving.

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare vs. Pratchett

  1. this is a very nice post. I would have to go with Good Omens over the sonnets, but if you’d asked me about some of his plays, I would have a much more difficult time making the decision.


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