Zero Tolerance to Yawning at job interviews

Seriously? You think you’ll get the job? Go home, sleep and have nice dreams about it.


No Yelling either please (not applicable to Liz and Martin Yelling who can do no bad in my book).


Zero Tolerance to Xeroxing your body parts (once you grow up)

…I was young and alone in the office. What is more worrying is the fact that I am actually quite tempted to repeat this in colour.

I think I have just proved that I have not grown up just yet.

To continue on a theme of premature silliness: Zero tolerance to Xmas decoration in shops before Halloween.

Zero Tolerance to Warning about Nuts on a pack of Nuts

We are so afraid of so many things. Our fears have created so many rules and set in place so many precautions in hope to avoid as many risks as possible that we have brought our common sense on a brink of extinction.

Common sense is suffering as much as women in this world. We have to stop this.

Zero Tolerance to Vomit Pools

…and live vomiting in public places, especially not tolerated on public transport. Although to be fair, I really don’t know what I was doing on a night bus at my age…

NO to violence at any age.

Zero Tolerance to Using Lifts when going down one floor

If you don’t have a broken leg, do not fall into a group of sick, injured, pregnant or elderly, if you don’t carry a heavy luggage, buggy or similarly awkward item, take the bloody stairs! You are forgiven if you accompany someone with a broken leg, someone who is injured, sick, pregnant or elderly or someone with an uncooperative object. Although you will probably be faster than them if you would opt taking the stairs.

People are so lazy and staircases are fun.

i’m also not keep on urine smell in public places, ulcers and unfairness.





Zero Tolerance to Tickling

Even easier that the S one.


a) it’s not funny

b) someone will end up hurt

c) it’s really not funny

d) someone will really get hurt


I did cause a bloody nose to a tickler in my young years (unintentionally, but what do you expect if you tickle my feet and don’t cover your face). I also caused a black eye to another tickler in my late twenties  (intentionally this time; it was his fault, he shouldn’t aligned his eye directly with my elbow while he continued with the tickling torture). I also had a near concussion when I banged my head on a radiator during another vicious attack by a tickler when I was a child. But the most serious injury received while being tickled was a broken rib. So not only was I tickled, I also couldn’t breathe without being in pain for few weeks.



Tickling is Tyranny and Torture and I have no tolerance to these.

Zero Tolerance to Snoring

Easy one.

You snore? You’ll be pushed, kicked and punched and eventually exiled on the sofa. Strict no snoring policy enforced. No exceptions.

I will still love you. But you will sleep in the other bedroom, the one on the different floor…you’ll better have a big house.


S is seeping with things I don’t tolerate: slavery, social injustice, starving children, sex trafficking

Zero Tolerance to Runny Nose

Originally I planned this post to be against refurbished establishments that keep the same smell as the old ones but then I went for a run and ended up with a runny nose and the closest thing resembling a tissue I had on me was my sleeve.  Yes, I confess to wiping snots into my garments. I am so very mature.

I am also very much against racism.


Zero Tolerance to Queues

I have truly tried to pick a different topic as I have already covered queues twice. I guess I really have issues with them.

I have also zero tolerance to questionable science and research. As if there wasn’t enough lies and deceiving already.

A to Z challenge is coming soon!

So, last year’s A to Z was quite a thing.

a/ I had no idea what I signed up to

b/ I wasn’t exactly organised so my posts were scattered and most of the time I ended up working on them last minute and sometime I was so out of wits that I cheated a little (prime example is W)

c/ But I did kind of enjoy the madness of it 🙂


This year, after gathering some knowledge of this challenge, I have started few weeks in advance and I am using this wonderful functionality that wordpress is offering – scheduling the posts! It took me only a year or so to learn about it. I have been using it quite heavily recently. I try to sit down and prep lots of drafts and posts in one go at least once a week (although it is more a bi-weekly process at the moment). I find it works better for me, I have time to stay ‘in the zone’ for longer, to be more productive, let the ideas brew and grow. It also works much better with my running schedule.

This brings us to the topic or the theme (I have a theme for this year! Yay!) for the April challenge. It is…surprise, surprise…running. Well, not only running – that would be rather boring, but running related A to Z snippets. I will draw from my own experience and share my opinions. I will in no way try to persuade you that my way is the best or the only one correct though and I will not go in too much details or technicalities – there are qualified professionals who know way more than me. So I will keep the posts brief and personal as there is lot of other opinions and advice out there.

 1779185_10152932640099404_6332291557748656498_n 10422359_10152932643374404_6097194794041563450_n 10409569_10152930417524404_6125546871395676703_n

If you would like to check out some of my A to Z creations from last year, I have set up a separate page so they are easily accessible. My personal favourites are:

D – just because that is soooo me + I actually love my attempt of poetry

F – because it was so true

H – because it was so much fun to play with alphabet within A to Z challenge

J + K – because it was my mom’s 60th birthday + day after 🙂

P – because playing with words is amazing

U – because I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I’m grateful

W – because I think it was actually quite a smart safe

Z – because it was a new start

Oh, and I’m really rubbish at shortlisting.


Pics are from my January holiday on the very windy island of Fuerteventura 🙂

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