question (why are you here)

standing in front of the looking glass
questioning my existence again
as if the blank face could answer. 

what is your life's purpose?

because i haven't found it yet
i can almost sense it
it's there 
within my grasp
but my fingertips only touch air

why are you here?
or are you just a sheep?
note: first one where i had to "cheat" as i couldn't find a song starting with "q". there will be few more - "u", "x" and "z".


wake up at the same time everyday
prepare your clothes the night before

how can you do something big
when you can't even brush your teeth every morning?

every act, even the littlest one
creates space for doing more

the more you do,
more you want to, 
less you do,
less you are able to

sometimes habits are good.