American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Yes, we had Neil on the list already. And yes, I’ve read this book as well. That is why I was so extremely pleased to read it again. It was a great opportunity to experience the story with fresh eyes as I did not remember it as well as I thought I did.

I consider this book the best Neil Gaiman has written. However, it wouldn’t be the book I would recommend reading first. Maybe try Neverwhere or Stardust to ease yourself into Gaiman’s world as my book club accomplice Eva (who has just started her own blog with film reviews) has pointed out the ‘Gods’ can get bit overwhelming.

But for me, I was back in Neil Gaiman’s heaven. I loved the main characters – Shadow and Wednesday, I loved the story and the way different myths were wowen in, the ‘good vs evil’ fight that was something entirely different. This is a road trip of your life but you are not sure if you dream or are awake.

2 thoughts on “God of the Book club

  1. I loved Neverwhere, but couldn’t get halfway through American Gods. Part of me really loved the characters, but the pacing, and maybe some of my expectation for the magic/tone of Neverwhere returning wasn’t met. I really should try to read it again though.


  2. I have to admit that I only read American Gods after reading few of his shorter novels, the Sandman series and a collection of short stories so it was quite easy to stick with it. But I can see how it can be a rather difficult book to read. Hope you find time to read it again.


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