Twenty-five (C)

Pushing things in front of me,
‘I will deal with it later.’
Tomorrow is a better day to begin this or that…
I know I should do it now. 
Yet, I postpone it anyway.
It is an informed and deliberate result of my 
thinking mind. 

Do I have a reasonable reason for the delays to my 
writing timetable?
I just didn’t feel like it. 
That’s all it is.
Motivation is low. To do anything. Stupid shutdown. 

You are allowed to go to nature.
But walk your dog only up to 100 meters from your 
Stupid government. 


Try to write a post about ‘conscious decisions’ and ‘procrastination’ without using the letter ‘C’. Well done me.

Source: 365 Days of Writing Prompts, March 4

alphabet has 26 letters. write a post without using one of them.


This word sounds like a mixture of a house name from 
Harry Potter, posh French wine, a seriously wrong 
fetish and even weirder adult film genre including 
the aforementioned fetish. 

It also sounds like a bad idea. Like making a conscious
decision about making a risky decision that you know 
is a risky decision. I almost wrote a ‘bad’ decision 
but bad can be subjective. At least in my case. I’m 
being porpignalf about most things now. 

Including this. 

I’m writing what comes to my mind … I don’t censor 
myself and I don’t look back. It is a conscious act. 

Yeah….’Flangiprop’ has already been done. It is even in the urban dictionary and to be honest, the ‘top definition‘ is actually rather good. So, I’m not messing with it.

Instead, I have flipped the word. Porpignalf.

As a bonus that has no relevance to anything, I had to look up how to spell ‘conscious’. It was super frustrating. I am getting stupid.


Source: 365 Days of Writing Prompts, February 1

invent a definition for the word “flangiprop” and use the word in a post


Napoleon was terrified of cats
                     cats have OCD - licking and 
licking and licking the same spot
                       spots and pots and kettles 
are all the same and all are black
                      black versus white and right 
against wrong 
wrong turn on the road and you are lost
                              lost treasure, a mere 
X on a map
  a map to someone’s imagination and dreams
                             dreams and nightmares, 
who knows what is real?
             real feelings of heart - a strange place
                                        place that 
turns into a new world
          world that turns and we don’t even notice 
it spins
spins and turns (again!) - i’ve been here...
                              here and there and 
back again
again and never, love hurts and tastes so good
                                    good deed will 
get punished and innocent will suffer for sinners.
                                  sinners and saints 
both walk the earth and the Earth spins 
faster than ever.

Wake up, sir

‘Wake up, sir.’ - I almost said. My hand is close 
to his shoulder, almost touching. Why? Why should 
I wake him? No. This is my chance. I could sneak out, 
take some of his money even, his coat and his hat, 
his boots. No one would know. I would be long gone 
before the maid comes in to clean the room. 
I could make it all the way to Nevada. They don’t ask 
no questions there. No more of ‘yes, sir’, ‘right 
away, sir’, ‘of course, sir’. I could be a free man… 

‘Wake up, sir. The coach is here.’ 

The first sentence is from ‘The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes’ by Neil Gaiman and I cheated….a bit. My first pick was ‘Neverwhere’ (also by Neil Gaiman) however I didn’t like that the first sentence included a name of a character.

Second choice was ‘The Book Thief ‘by Marcus Zusak but I felt that the first sentence was just too specific for this book.

My all time favourite book is actually ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ by Erich Maria Remarque but I only read it in my native language. My ultimate goal is to read it in German….and by reading, I really mean by listening to it as I have pretty much moved to the audio books.

Anyway, Neil Gaiman is my favourite author and The Sandman is simply epic…plus it just was released as an audio book with James McAvoy, so I thought this would be justifiable.

Also, I know I am one day late again. No excuses this time. I was hella procrastinating.


Source: 365 Days of Writing Prompts, January 5

First sentence from favourite book = first sentence of the post.

32 flavours

My favourite combination of flavours is 
     sweet and salty.
Mixed popcorn
Salty pretzels in chocolate
Roasted salted caramelised nuts
Chocolate with sea salt
Pineapple on pizza 
You get the idea.

My new obsession is 
chocolate with salted roasted almonds.

No one has made it yet though.

But I think the world needs it. 

Being a supporter of opposing flavours doesn’t 
however mean I approve of all mixtures. 

I’m especially biased against things that should be 
sweet but someone decides to make them salty.
Like porridge. 
Seriously, what the hell Scotland. 

Love everything else about you.
But the oats are gross. 


Source: 365 Days of Writing Prompts, January 20

vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

Twenty-five (B)

So I have decided to make this a series
I guess I really can’t resist calling of this wonderful
orderly continuity of letters.

Each and single one of them a seductive siren 
singing to me, luring me into creative rocky shores 
to a prison of empty pages. 

Power and imagination, dedication and energy
all given to the only task, to only thing that matters
to play with words and language. 

Time is of no meaning. 

Words are the most powerful weapons. 
How we use them shapes the world. 
Keep them ready and sharpened. 
They are the only defence we need. 


Source: 365 Days of Writing Prompts, March 4

alphabet has 26 letters. write a post without using one of them.