Your gifts / Čo si mi dala

Author: Pavel Bunčák

I sang a song for you:
Flower gives out its scent, withers.
I taught you how to get old
sensibly and stealthily,
how to reminisce 
without memories,
how ghosts grow up 
and sweet sighs 
turn into wrinkles.  
Zaspieval som ti pieseň:
Kvet rozvonia sa, zvädne.
Učil som ťa, ako sa starne
múdro a nebadane,
ako sa spomína,
keď nemáš na čo,
ako vyrastajú prízraky
a zo sladkých vzdychov

F to J_haiku

Harvest of ripe wheat
Endless golden long grass fields
Bread to feed the men
Mountain of garbage
Prominent and stinky sign
Welcome to our town
Horse showing his teeth
Eyes asking for an apple
in my pocket. Neigh.
Dry ice solid gas
Global warming is coming
Icebergs are melting  
Juniper berries
Bitter and sharp on my tongue 
My head is spinning

Bridge / Most

Author: Juraj Andričík

We lived our lives
like river banks.
Each a hair further apart
by every step
leading to the sea.

You were afraid
that one day
you won't see as far as my shore.

I reasoned with you:
where the banks touch
river runs dry.

You have built a bridge.
Tak sme svoj život žili 
ako brehy rieky.
Tie na každom kroku
o vlások širšie
idú do mora.

Bála si sa,
že jedného dňa
na môj breh nedovidíš.

Prevrával som ťa:
kde sa brehy stretnú,
rieka vysychá.

Postavila si most.

A to E_haiku

Leaves beating my face 
Ashes broken by the wind
Tree cemetery
Foam covered pebbles 
Tangled seaweed on the shore
Our beach paradise
Purr, meow, hiss, snarl, growl
Nigh time wanders and dead gifts
Does the cat love me?
Behind concrete walls
Atlantis under water  
Dam hiding secrets  
Reflection of sound
No need for eyes in the dark
They just use echos

Peanuts are a Deal breaker

I love how you lock my eyes when we talk

I love when you laugh with me

I love your fingers tickling my spine

I love how you pull me closer and breath in the scent of my hair

I love the way you kiss my neck

I love your sculptured muscles

I love how your beard scratches my cheeks

I love to wake up next to you and watch you still sleeping

I love when you make me coffee and then drink half of it

and I can taste it in your kiss

I love when you cook dinner

and we never quite manage to sit down and eat it

I love your notes around my place

I love the marks you leave on my flat

I love the marks you leave on me

I love you

But peanuts are a deal breaker

Zero tolerance to Zero tolerance

well, the end of the series came only four years late. i don’t really have an excuse. so what.

To be honest the only thing about this post I can remember is that I wanted to name it zero tolerance to zero tolerance.

Perhaps I wanted to make a point where we should all be more tolerant rather than see everything in black and white and stick to our stubborn ideas and our unchangeable truths.

Be tolerant. Be kind. World looks different from a tiny basement window to a view from a rooftop of a skyscraper. It’s the same world nevertheless.


Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice – Robert Frost

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.