[W] is for Well Done!

W     Well done to all London marathon runners! I have to admit that it was harder that I would like and the few missed weeks of training did matter but I was also prepared for it so I was not stressing out when I had to take a walking break.

Overall I really enjoyed the race, the weather was runner-friendly, spectators were amazing and my head stayed in the right place throughout. My time was 4:53:45 so definitely nothing record breaking and a far cry from my marathon PB but very happy that I managed to finish without pain and blisters. I am already looking forward to the next race! Though I will give myself a week of complete rest before I take the body for a gentle jog again.

I’m not a fan of the finisher t-shirt or the medal though….and I was given a gender based deodorant in the goodie-bag again 😦

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[V] is for Victory

V     I’m going for victory! Tomorrow is Marathon day and although I’m not trying to break the record or even my PB this time, I hope to be victorious. I mean to win against the 26.2 miles. Finishing a marathon is a great achievement – don’t be disappointed if your time is ‘not good’ especially if this is your first marathon. There’s no such thing as bad result! You are amazing and you should be proud whether your finishing time is 3:00 or 5:30 – you are a winner!




The Magnificent Seven Club – London

That would be the Seven Continents Club of marathon runners who have run a marathon on each of the seven continents. Yep, I would like to become a member. It will take a while; two done, five (including the really cold one) to go. Fingers crossed, next year around this time I will be able to say third continent conquered. If everything goes according to plans, I will be running a marathon in Singapore next December.

But I still have the London one to do on 26th April before then. I love the London marathon, this is the marathon that made me start running. I remember when I went to watch and support the runners for the first time in the heart of Canary Wharf back in 2009. The atmosphere was electrifying. The buzz was incredible, the concentration of emotions overpowering, and a wave of positive energy was uplifting the crowds. You could physically feel the spirit of the race. London marathon is the biggest single day charity event in the world. Believe me, if you need a touch hope, love, understanding, support or passion, become a one with the audience. You will be embraced. Taking a part on this day, is better than a therapy session.

In September 2009 I ran my first ever race, 5k in London’s Hyde park. Three years later, in 2012, I was running the London marathon. If there’s anything better than cheering at London marathon, it’s being cheered on while you run. I’m actually quite teary-eyed just remembering it. I cannot wait for April to come. The months of hard training will be worth it.

This is me after finishing in 2012.

eva marathon1       eva marathon2