Zero Tolerance to Gore

Just to get it out there, I do not watch horror films. I know people who love them and they love getting scared (in safe environment of the cinema or their homes). I hate being scared and as this is my personal list of things I cannot stand, gruesome grossness on TV screens is on it. Especially as gruesome stuff is allowed while boobs and willies are a taboo.

In connection to the male and female parts – don’t we think that they should have the opportunity to be presented in equal measures?

Hence my other issue for G is gender inequality.

Zero Tolerance to Fake Smiles

Thanks to our business partner, I found myself at a very posh London cosmetics store couple of months ago. I only went because I was riddled with curiosity  but wouldn’t visit the shop otherwise. I will probably visit it again because they have the most amazing scented candles on the planet. Green tomato vine. Trust me. It is unbelievable. It comes with a hefty price tag but lasts forever and makes for a very beautiful gift.

Anyway, the point of this post is to bitch about stuff. The ladies working there were immaculate to the point I was wondering if they’re humanoids. They looked alike, they have been born from the same corporate womb after all. They were pleasant, helpful, attentive and smiled ALL THE TIME! Their smiles were imprinted on their faces. I was observing them when they were not dealing with customers and their facial muscles stayed stiff in the same smiley grimace.  I have found it  rather disturbing. How much training does it require to wipe out the ability to show emotions? Can they cry? Frown? Be angry? Upset? Indifferent? Thoughtful? Do they remember how to be real?


What however should be wiped out completely is FGM. This procedure is barbaric beyond imagination, and thousands of women are suffering because of it for the rest of their lives. What I find deeply disturbing is that the mutilation is not only performed by women but also approved them in certain communities.


Zero Tolerance to Ear Barotrauma

I am one day behind. I have been busy. I visited Edinburgh during the last bank holiday weekend and ran a half-marathon there. It was my wettest and windiest race so far. Somehow I have still managed a PB. I shaved off one whole minute and a little bit from my previous time. So I am very pleased indeed. Not that I am a record breaker but for someone who has started running mere five years ago, 2h 12m 43s for a half-marathon is a very satisfying result. I am also in a process of flat hunting, real estate agent handling, documents sorting, furniture buying and all the other -ings that comes with moving. But lets get to the point.

E in my personal grudges goes to ear barotrauma. It is a new expression that I have learned today. It is a fancy name for airplane ear – which I suffer from and when flying, I am subjecting myself to forced yawning, constant chewing and empty swallowing and a regular ear-popping exercise. In case you are not sure how to ear-pop exercise, place your thumb and index finger over your nostrils and press down. Once your nasal corridors are sealed, attempt to exhale (your mouth will stay closed). Voila – your ears pop and the pressure is released. At least for a while.

This is the medical explanation of the problem:

Airplane ear is the stress exerted on your eardrum and other middle ear tissues when the air pressure in your middle ear and the air pressure in the environment are out of balance. You may experience airplane ear at the beginning of a flight when the airplane is climbing or at the end of a flight when the airplane is descending. These fast changes in altitude cause air pressure changes and can trigger airplane ear.

Airplane ear is also called ear barotrauma, barotitis media or aerotitis media.

Usually self-care steps — such as yawning, swallowing or chewing gum — can prevent or correct the differences in air pressure and improve airplane ear symptoms. However, a severe case of airplane ear may need to be treated by a doctor.


 Thankfully I have so far never had to seek medical attention but there were few cases of severe ear pain and headaches after spending time up in the air.


E for a serious issue goes to Education barriers and Think Global is doing something about it by promoting education for a just and sustainable world.


Zero Tolerance to Drilling on Sundays

I understand that people are working crazy hours, shifts and so on. But Sunday morning? Really? Is it the only possible time when the drilling can be done?

Drilling is nerve-tickling as it is (unless you are the one doing the drilling then it is fun. Messy, but fun.) and one doesn’t even have to nurse a hangover.



I have also zero tolerance to dictatorships as they always end up in civil wars.

Zero Tolerance to Coriander Invasion

Last weekend I was attending Feables, convention dedicated to TV series Lost Girl and Once Upon A Time. I stayed at a nearby hotel, about 5 minutes walk from the venue. The room was clean, the air-conditioning unit didn’t kicked in as soon I walked in (that is a good thing, I live in Britain not Brazil), the bed was comfortable and I could even open the window! The view wasn’t much but you can’t expect postcard scenery when you are booked so close to the airport. Ok, the twice needed reboot of electricity was annoying but overall it was a pleasant stay.

The hotel’s restaurant was small-ish but with reasonable menu and I chose the Rustic Waldorf salad for dinner. The presentation of the dish was beautiful, with thinly sliced apples arranged into a flower on the top of the green leaves smothered in vinaigrette (the traditional recipe has mayonnaise – but I didn’t mind that too much as I’ll take vinaigrette over mayo any day). But then I saw it. The green ragged leaves of what at that stage I was desperately hoping to be parsley only to be devastated to find out that it wasn’t. Waldorf salad is not supposed to contain coriander. Definitely not one that is claiming to be rustic. The recipe is simple – apples, celery, walnuts, salad leaves. Coriander is not a salad leaf. Coriander is a herb. A vile one. If I say that I hate coriander with passion, that would be an understatement. I commenced a food autopsy. The viscous herb made a quarter of the greens and the cute apple flower actually represented the only apples in the salad. I wanted to cry. At least the walnuts were plentiful. I left hungry, angry and disappointed (also fully refunded with a free drink but that’s not the point).

After this traumatic experience  I was avoiding the restaurant the next day but decided to give it another try the day after. I was playing it safe and ordered a hamburger. Again, the presentation was beautiful and I was mentally prepared not to bother myself with the side salad full of coriander. I don’t eat burgers as a normal person. I always remove the top bun and leave it on the side. I also use cutlery to eat it. Which is strange as I eat almost everything else (that isn’t runny or would make me look like a Homo  neanderthalensis) with my fingers. The third semi-chewed mouthful ended up in a napkin when the overwhelmingly foul flavour of coriander assaulted my taste buds. Seriously, what mad chef would put coriander in a burger?

I think I am a reasonable person. I know how very much I dislike the herb. I do not eat most of Thai or Vietnamese dishes for this reason and when dining out in my favourite Indian restaurant, I obsessively request that no fresh coriander is to be present in any of the meals. However it seems that the coriander invasion is out of control now and something needs to be done about it.


Something also needs to be done about child abuse. Would you help by donating to NSPCC?

Zero Tolerance to Bubblegum stuck under the table

or really any other place where you can unwittingly pick it up, touch it or get it unstuck from the place where it was stuck just for it to be stuck again to a piece of your clothing. I have come across gums that were old and hard, easily mistaken for a tiny stone, slimy and wet, where you can see the saliva of some moron slowly drying up and gums in various other stages with different consistency, colour and degree of stickiness.

Most common appearance of the disposed gum is on the pavement where the little parasites are waiting to be picked up by a stranger. They will suck onto the sole of your shoe and won’t let go no matter how hard you try to rub them off against the curb or how skilful you think you are with a piece of wood, plastic or anything else you find may be used as a blade to sever the ties between the gum and the bottom of your shoe.

It is not advised to try the two aforementioned methods of gum removal if you acquire the gum from the train seat. Big chance is you probably won’t notice the presence of the gum until you are told about it by a goodhearted person (depending where you work as you may also become a joke of the office) or when you take your pants off. I was told that putting the affected garment inside a freezer for a while will help toughen up the gum and it is then easier to remove. Of course I was told this after I had destroyed my trousers.

For me, the least pleasant of all of the abandoned gums is the gum that you discover under the table in a restaurant after you just washed your hands. There are so many things that can go wrong when you are in restaurant – why people leave their germs around on top of that?


I am sure that many of you have experienced a troubled gum and have found a way how to deal with it. However it is not always easy to deal with and step up to a bully and therefore bullying is my zero tolerance issue this week as well.

[Z] is for Zero Tolerance to Autocorrect

Recognize. Organize. Deputize. My autocorrect keeps changing these and suggest they should be written with S and not Z. I  always (read – most of the times) change them back. Even if the ugly dotted red lines glaring at me are trying to make me bent to their will. No. It looks better with Z. Z is strong where S is smooth. I don’t care if it is American or British way of spelling. It is more aesthetically pleasing. So is colour to color btw. Could we please establish aesthetic English?


Autocorrect is not the only thing I have zero tolerance to (actually I seem to be dissatisfied with rather lot of things!) and  therefore I have decided to start my own A to Z challenge about things I am not happy about. So this post is not only the last one for the A to Z Challenge but is also the first one for my alphabetical Zero Tolerance series. I just simply can’t part with the beautiful perfection of ABC.

Every Wednesday, I will be publishing new post with a ‘serious’ issue I am faced with on daily basis. However as I feel this might get out of hand very quickly, I have decided to balance it out with a serious (without the apostrophes this time) issue starting with Zero tolerance to Animal cruelty.

I will also try to include a link to a charity or an organization that is helping with, fighting, or educating about the issue. For this week it is RSPCA.


Z in the A to Z Challenge.