cat snores

The cat is snoring on my bed
I’ve finished my fourth beer
it’s two o’clock at night
and I should go to sleep.

The cat stirred and started snoring louder
the timer on the heater clicked off.
The rain hasn’t stopped for three days.

All I write is nonsense
I drink beer and
hope the sun will show his face.
I listen to cat’s snores.

That’s all I’ve got.
I’ve drunk too much beer.


On the opposite side of the road sits the cat. Again. Every morning I see her, dwelling next to that twisted senile tree. An ugly sinister animal concealed in too much of dirty brownish fur. I swear she is watching my every move. As if she’s trying to tell me something – as if she is waiting for me to…I don’t know – to wake up from some sort of dream that I don’t even know I’m dreaming. As if she wants me to open my eyes and see the world her way. There is this wild yellow light in her big round eyes that follow me like a CCTV camera. And the tree – what’s with the tree anyway? During bare winter or parching summer, the tree is always dressed in rough leaves – rough like a cat’s tongue. Anchored to the old derelict building that used to be a community centre back in the day. More holes than shingles, rotting metal staircase, walls showing their brick teeth. The building gives me the creeps. You can hear noise coming from there at night – screeching and cracking like old bones as if the remaining structure was sighing in pain.

I should just lock the door and ignore the cat. Turn the corner and forget her burning yellow eyes on my back.  Or maybe I should just walk over and scare her away. It’s just a cat after all. Yes, I will do that. I will make her go away. 


new job
and a bit of a job on a side
darkness outside
why is the winter early this year?

needed to switch off
hide behind a screen
playing stupid games
wasting time doing nothing

free will

it is your choice to go 
but if you don't go 
you can't leave your home
and if you leave your home
you will get fined.

are you still not going?
that is fine
you will just lose your job
'cause you can't leave your home.

you probably should go
but it's up to you
after all 
it is your choice. 

Calling something voluntary and then issuing threats, sanctions and penalties when one doesn’t comply is not voluntary.


can this be over soon please? 

i'm really fine
i'm healthy
i still have a job
i am allowed to go out

i have a dog that is my world
and i don't like people anyway

still, can this be over?