World behind your eyes


I cannot change the facts. You are there and I am here. As actors have their lines and scenes, we had ours and with humble obedience we read the script that had already been written. We didn’t want to ruin the play with our improvisation. The fleeting moments when our eyes were drawn together by magnetic force – those were just that – moments, butterflies in summer. It’s funny how I can’t quite say what colour your eyes were. They were calm and deep like a mountain lake and  I could amost smell the kindness of the trees while I was looking into them. There was a hidden world guarded by the gates of our lashes and we were silently reading stories to each other.

Would it have been different if we had met in a place where our roles were not predetermined, dictated by the situation and enforced upon us before we even entered the stage? I can change the settings but I cannot change the facts. You are there and I am here. Though, perhaps we would unbind the ropes of our lines, defy the restrictions of our roles, and allow our eyes to free their secret stories. They would talk about gentle touches, hugs that would warm me better than a fluffy blanket, a kiss tasting of sweet honey that would leave our lips burning for more. Maybe I would move into the world behind your eyes.

I think your eyes were blue and grey and little green too, like a storm that is painting day skies few shades darker, with raindrops crouching in the cluster of heavy clouds. Yes, that was the colour of your eyes. My skies love rain. When I look up, I will meet your gaze as the clouds start to cry. And I will cry too.



He was sitting quietly on the late train, invisible in the loud buzz of the happy goers. As the train moved further away from London, the cloudy noise likewise diminished. There was only one girl left in his carriage as they drew near the last station. He had noticed he before – she was perfect.

He grinned as he felt his body awakening. He expanded, progressively transforming into shapeless thick dark fog, his elongated limbs gliding across the floor and over the seats, creeping up behind the girl. He embraced her in a tight hug and breathed in deeply. She shivered and his hold got stronger. His penetrating eyes staring into her dilated pupils, enjoying her nervous fidgeting. He was at his best – with each unsure breath she inhaled a little bit of the choking cold fog and he found himself running inside her veins, spreading his coldness even further.

The train pulled in to the station and she got off triple checking her surroundings like a rattled animal. She hurried down the stairs from the platform, stumbling – but he kept clinging onto her. Cold sweat covered her as she started walking down the street. The faster she walked, the more he twirled around her body, tripping her shaky legs. Her heartbeat was frantic and he enhanced each beat with a deafening echo in her ears. She turned a corner and ran towards her front door. He hovered around her as she desperately fought with the lock, slowly regaining his previous form. She wedged the door open and squeezed in, leaving him outside.

He smiled – he could still hear her frightened heartbeat. It was indeed a good night, he thought to himself as he turned around and disappeared into the darkness.