[S] is for Stretching

S     Alphabet is a strange thing because I had to wait until now to mention one of the most important things when it comes to running! Stretching – I love it. I don’t understand how people are able to exist without it! I love the feeling after a run when you are sweating and panting and thinking that you may possibly cough up a lung, your legs are tense and painful…ok I actually don’t love any of that but then you start stretching your muscles….slowly and diligently; and although you still sweat and pant and hurt, everything just starts feeling so much nicer.

I do both types of stretches – dynamic stretches before a run as part of a warm-up (come on W!) and static stretches after a run to cool and calm down.  And although there is no scientific proof that they boost your performance, I really like the feeling. 🙂




  1. Julia · April 22, 2015

    I love stretching. I do a lot of hot yoga and pilates along with other sports and I think it does help. I know what you mean that there’s no scientific evidence, but if it feels good, I say go with it!


    • evamarasca · April 28, 2015

      I agree 🙂 I have started doing yoga recently and really enjoy it – still have to try pilates but I do suspect it will be something I will like too.

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  2. S. L. Hennessy · April 23, 2015

    I’m trying to get into yoga for the stretching. I’m a runner and soccer player, so I need it to help stretch out my muscles.

    Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy


    • evamarasca · April 28, 2015

      Thank you! Yoga is definitely something I would recommend even though I am still a beginner.
      I like the way I feel after a class!


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