C   To become a better runner is not only about how often or how long you run. It is important to give the ‘running’ muscles and joints a rest by doing a different aerobic activity – walking, cycling and swimming are all good alternatives.

I walk to and from work every day and try to include a session on elliptical trainer or a bike once a week as well as a dip in the pool.  Swimming is my personal favourite, I just wish it was possible for me to swim outside rather than in a pool; I do feel like a wet hamster after a while. My front crawl is rapidly improving though 🙂



7 thoughts on “[C] is for Cross-training

  1. Hi Eva – good for you for running, walking, cycling and swimming – it is important to cross-train … well done on your front crawl improving … enjoy the A- Z and have a happy Easter – cheers Hilary

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  2. I want to start swimming more… honestly, it’s my exercise of choice, but with pools being $20 a dip here, it’s not really economically feasible, haha.


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